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Review: Revolution by Jenna Black

Review: Revolution by Jenna Black
Author: Jenna Black
Series: Replica Trilogy #3
Publisher: Tor Books
Published on: November 11, 2014
Genre: Science Fiction, Young Adult
Format: 400 pages, Paperback
Provided by: Library
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Nadia Lake and Nate Hayes find themselves at the center of a horrifying conspiracy in this action-packed finale of Jenna Black’s SF romance series that began with Replica

From the author of the Faeriewalker series comes the stunning conclusion to the young adult science fiction thriller series that began with Replica and continued in Resistance.

At the conclusion of Resistance, Nadia Lake and the Replica of her best friend, Nate Hayes, found themselves at the center of a horrifying conspiracy. Framed for murder and wanted by the government, they have no choice but to go underground and seek refuge in the dangerous, gang-ridden slums of the Basement.

Jenna Black brings readers an action-packed final installment that will have them racing to the finish.


Young Adult Science Fiction Page Turner

I was so excited to get to the final book in the Replica Trilogy. I thought it was a great wrap up to the series. Revolution picks up right where Resistance ends with the group hiding from the government.


Nathan is the son of the chairman or government leader. He was murdered and brought back to life in book one. He is a cloned body with most of his memories in tact. He has never been a very good heir to his father. He shows no interest in doing anything government related Nadia is his betrothed. Her family has always been high up in government as well. While Nadia and Nathan were never romantically attracted to each other, they have been best friends.


Bishop is a former male prostitute from the Basement who helps hide the two fugitives. He is considered the low of the low in the class level of society. He is also Nathan’s lover. Dante is an “employee”. He is a servant to the “executive” class, but is working to topple the current power structure. Agnes is the daughter of a chairman of a different state. She was brought in as possible marriage replacement for Nate. She has been groomed to run, but is described as very common to look at and very shy and awkward around others. They are quite the misfit group of kids set to save Paxco.


The story does start off a bit slow in that Nadia, Nate and the gang are hiding out in the Basement. The government is accusing Nate and Nadia of murder. Since they can’t leave the apartment, there isn’t much action going on. They are able get stories about what is happening in the Basement and news reports of what lies the government is spreading. There is also character growth during this time.


There comes a time in the story where things between the Basement and the government hit a critical mass. There are riots and things look like they couldn’t get any worse for our main characters. Dorothy, the current government ruler, takes things further than the kids could ever imagine. The amount of violence that Dorothy rains down on people in her own territory is larger than anyone could’ve expected. There are several people who are killed or critically injured.


There is a new character in Shrimp. He is the younger brother of the gang leader in the Basement who helps to hide the misfit group of fugitives. While his brother is pretty cutthroat, Shrimp is a smart guy, but he is very loyal to his brother. He sees that his brother isn’t making the best decision, but has a hard time going against family. He also takes a great liking to Agnes. It was great to see her finally getting some attention.


I felt that this story wrapped up very well. It isn’t all hearts and rainbows and there are sacrifices made by some characters. But I thought it wrapped the story up the best way possible. I thought this was a great fast pace series. I’m not a big reader of YA, but I felt that this series was a great read. I thought that the overall story across three books was very interesting. The characters are well developed and make you really care about them and where they go.

The Replica Trilogy

My Review

My Review

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Review: Her Vampire's Promise by Jordan K. Rose

Review: Her Vampire’s Promise by Jordan K. Rose
Her Vampire's Promise
Author: Jordan K. Rose
Series: Central City Romance #1
Publisher: Indie
Published on: August 28, 2014
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Format: 96 pages, eBook
Provided by: Freebie
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Raging Fire Kills Co-Founder, Daughter.
Panthera Laboratories in Ruin.
~ Central City Gazette, 1994

Reade Hayes knows better than any vampire that nothing good ever comes out of Central City. So he isn’t surprised the beautiful blonde he meets in a dive bar is crazy. What does surprise him is how fast she moves, how hard she hits, and the fact she’s wearing a ring he last saw two decades ago on the hand of his dead friend.

Is it possible the little girl he swore a blood pact to protect didn’t die in the fire? If the beauty sitting beside him is that pretty little baby, where has she been for twenty years? And why is she so lethal?

On hindsight Lawrie Tyrone realizes drinking vampire blood might not have been the smartest decision. But scientists experiment and if she is going to prove her father was not a traitor, she has to take risks. So far she’s experienced no alarming side effects, well, none other than being able to recognize vampires walking among humans.

From the power he exudes to his gorgeous dark eyes everything about the man to her right screams danger. Every logical thought tells her to kill him. But something in his eyes stops her. Is he using his vampire powers to influence her, or is something else making her heart ache for him?

Can love thrive in the ruins of Central City?

Paranormal Romance Insta Love


I have been seeing this author’s books around for awhile but had never tried one until now. I know this novella is the first in a series, but I am not exactly sure if they are all novellas or not. I do know that after reading this one, that I would like to read the next one in the series someday.

Reade is a vampire that is part of a group referred to as The Guard. I am still a bit hazy on what The Guard actually does. However, twenty years previously they were stationed? at a laboratory complex called Panthera, where Reade had made a blood pact concerning the small child belonging to a scientist that is researching vampire’s blood. There’s reasons why for this which I won’t go into. After a fire kills the child’s father, the vampire group loses track of the child after they are told she has died. Reade has never believed this and has hunted for her ever since. This is the story of what happens when he finally finds her.

I was pleasantly surprised at how well written this novella was. The whole first part of the story involved time spent in a dive bar with the three main characters, Reade, Garrison-also a vampire and part of The Guard-and of course the all grown up child-Lawrie-named after her father, Lawrence. A first for me, when the reader first meets Lawrie you not only don’t like her, but you think she is a nut job. And of course there is a big reason for this as well. And yes that part does change. Reade is an all around nice guy, as long as you don’t care that he is a lethal vampire. Garrison is kind of the comic relief, but not exactly in a good way as I think too much of him would really get on your nerves. Put another way, I hope he doesn’t get his own book! We do eventually meet some other members of The Guard, most of which were lethal bad boys to say the least.

I did have a problem with this read beyond the insta-love that comes with the territory in a romantic novella. Just when you feel like you are really getting into the story, it’s over. I was still trying to turn the pages and that’s never a good thing for me when reading. I think one or two more chapters would have gone a long way towards making me appreciate this read more.

I would recommend this to PNR readers at least 15+ due to some sexual conversations and thoughts only, plus some language not appropriate for a younger audience.

I did want to mention one more thing- I’m not a fan of the cover. Covers shouldn’t matter when picking out a book, but they really do. It didn’t change how I rated this story however.

Central City Romance


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Reading progress update: I've read 100%.

Shadowed Threads - Shannon Mayer

Things seem to finally be moving in the right direction; let's see if the trend continues, or if the time has come to break up with RYLEE ADAMSON. Full review to follow.

Review: The Bigtime Series by Jennifer Estep

The Bigtime Series (Bigtime superhero series, e-bundle) - Jennifer Estep

The Bigtime Series
Author: Jennifer Estep
Series: Bigtime #1-4
Publisher: Amazon Digital
Published on: December 16, 2013
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Format: 1200 pages, eBook
Provided by: Purchased
Amazon | Kobo | B&N | GoodReads

After a surprising betrayal, investigative reporter Carmen Cole decides to devote her life to unmasking superheroes and ubervillains in Bigtime, N.Y. But her actions put her in the middle of a battle between the Fearless Five superhero team and the ubervillains of the Terrible Triad.

Fiona Fine is the hottest fashion designer in Bigtime—literally. That's because she moonlights as Fiera, a superhero with superstrength and volatile, fire-based powers. And with two new ubervillains in town, Fiona will need all of her powers just to survive.

Thanks to her unwanted superpower, fashion designer Bella Bulluci may be the luckiest woman in Bigtime. But luck can be good or bad, and it seems like just as many embarrassing things happen to Bella as do positive ones. But Bella is going to need every bit of her good luck when she becomes the target of two ubervillains intent on stealing a prize sapphire.

On Christmas Eve, Carmen Cole is assigned to guard toys, clothes, food, and more that are intended for needy children and their families. An ubervillain plans to steal and then sell the toys to the highest bidder, but Carmen is determined to stop the villain—and make sure that this Christmas is a happy one for all the kids who are counting on her.

Anxious brides. Drunken businessmen. Panicked partygoers. As Bigtime’s premiere event planner, Abby Appleby is capable of handling almost any crisis, but even she’s not prepared when she finds herself in the middle of a fight between superhero Talon and his ubervillain nemesis Bandit.

Romance Fed the Nerd Kick Ass


Cute chick lit PNR à la superhero where every city has at least one do-gooder, and one ubervillain. The characters were wacky, the story light-hearted, and no thinking cap was required to figure out the plot. I put most of the pieces together well before Jennifer Estep laid everything out, however it wasn’t overly difficult considering the first letter of each hero’s secret identity was the same as their masked self. The author was a little too liberal with her definition of karma, but she consistently went over-the-top in all of the aspects of this book, so it matched the overall theme, and made for an entertaining read.

HOT MAMA – 4/5
This installment was the complete opposite of the previous one; Carmen Cole was a reluctant heroine while as Fiona Fine was an “I’m the shit”, and fabulous, and powerful, and *insert endless glowing adjectives here*. This novel was even more off-the-wall than book 1 with boundless puns, crazy antics, and an irresistible second shot at love romance. I’d expected that Fiera’s large-than-life personality would get on my nerves, however given her back story; I couldn’t help but like her in the end. The twists were once again easy to predict as was the outcome, nevertheless fun was had by all.

JINX – 3/5
I had my doubts as to how a protagonist who hates superheroes was going to fit into this series, and unfortunately Bella’s wishy-washy ways drove me absolutely bonkers. It was easy to understand the reasons behind Bulluci’s unwillingness to give Debonair and their relationship a chance, but she burned so hot & and cold that her constant mood swings gave me whiplash. I enjoyed reading about her powers, and watching them go haywire was definitely good for a laugh, however the comedic relief wasn’t enough to save this book from its negative Nellie heroine.

This short was a play on the classic GRINCH tale with two D-list ubervillains stealing all of the toys that were slated to go to underprivileged children during the holidays in an attempt to boost their infamy. Their evil plans get foiled by Karma Girl & Lulu, all of Bigtime’s superheroes chip in to help get the gifts back to Oodles o’ Stuff before the big event, Christmas cheer is restored, and Sam makes it home in the nick of time to drink eggnog with his wife. It was your typical, cheesy, holiday novella; I wish there’d been a touch more romance, but otherwise it was darling.

Abby Appleby was one of the more enjoyable female leads in this boxed set which is weird coming from me considering that her negative monologue was similar to Bella’s, whom I did not care for—at all. I think I connected with her more because of her type-A personality, and I liked that both her, and the Talon’s identities were a mystery to each other. Also, she’s just such a giving character, always putting others’ needs before her own, that it was impossible not to root for Abby’s HEA. I do so love an underdog, and these two protagonists fit that description to a T. My fave installment of the series!

The Bigtime Series


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Review: The Just City by Jo Walton

Review: The Just City by Jo Walton
The Just City
Author: Jo Walton
Series: Thessaly #1
Publisher: Tor Books
Published on: January 13 2015
Genre: Fantasy, Science Fiction
Format: 369 pages, eBook
Provided by: Purchased
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“Here in the Just City you will become your best selves. You will learn and grow and strive to be excellent.”

Created as an experiment by the time-traveling goddess Pallas Athene, the Just City is a planned community, populated by over ten thousand children and a few hundred adult teachers from all eras of history, along with some handy robots from the far human future—all set down together on a Mediterranean island in the distant past.

The student Simmea, born an Egyptian farmer’s daughter sometime between 500 and 1000 A.D, is a brilliant child, eager for knowledge, ready to strive to be her best self. The teacher Maia was once Ethel, a young Victorian lady of much learning and few prospects, who prayed to Pallas Athene in an ungaurded moment during a trip to Rome—and, in an instant, found herself in the Just City with grey-eyed Athene standing unmistakably before her.

Meanwhile, Apollo—stunned by the realization that there are things mortals understand better than he does—has arranged to live a human life, and has come to the City as one of the children. He knows his true identity, and conceals it from his peers. For this lifetime, he is prone to all the troubles of being human.

Then, a few years in, Sokrates arrives—the same Sokrates recorded by Plato himself—to ask all the troublesome questions you would expect. What happens next is a tale only the brilliant Jo Walton could tell.

outofthisworld warning wellwritten twisted FED-THE-NERD


THE JUST CITY by Jo Walton . . . is one of the strangest books I’ve read in long time.


The premise is fascinating: the Greek pantheon exists outside of time, meaning the gods can move through it fluidly. They can also snatch humans out of their various centuries and dump them in a time and place of their choosing.


Pallas Athene does exactly this, answering the prayers of intellectuals from as far in the future as the twentieth century and as far in the past as to be contemporaries of the Greek philosophers, and gathered together on the island destined to become known as Atlantis, they begin their experiment: to create Plato’s REPUBLIC.


It’s told from three altering perspectives: Maia, a Victorian woman who chaffed under the restrictions of her society, Simmea, an uncommonly bright, but plain in appearance female student, and Pytheas, also know as Apollo, who gave up his godhood to experience humanity . . . born as a human, growing as a human, learning as a human, with only his (intact) memories to separate him from actually being human . . . As obvious a ploy as that was, Apollo-as-human was my favorite part of the story.


But unlike Christ, Apollo didn’t become human to save humanity, he became human out of curiosity. He couldn’t understand why Daphne would rather become a tree than mate with him, didn’t understand why she wouldn’t play the “game.”


Still unable to comprehend after asking both Artemis and Athene, he decides to become human “to learn about volition and equal significance.” His journey is . . . compelling.


In addition to Cicero, Boethius, and the like who have been on hand, debating laboring to create the perfect environment in which to educate future Philosopher Kings, Sokrates himself is brought to the city to educate the students in Rhetoric. Apollo openly acknowledges that he doesn’t know everything, and quite enjoys observing Sokrates as he encounters ideas and technologies (the Just City is powered by electricity and has worker robots that function as “the help”):

It was adorable to see [Sokrates] introduced to the concept of zero. But watching him go after potential artificial intelligence was priceless. That alone would have been worth all the time I spent in the city.

But Apollo’s own experience was just as adorable, just as priceless. He’s like a poorly socialized home-schooled kid, but he’s aware of his deficiencies and has a genuine desire to learn and grow. Watching him make his numerous mistakes only endears him to you.


In contrast, after seeing to the completion of her project’s development, Athene poses as a student, retaining her god status, and, likewise, her detachment.


Unsurprisingly, innumerable issues arise, the foremost being:


1. Human nature is inherently flawed.
2. Greek gods are capricious.


To which I can only say . . . we know this.


And that is the root of my main issue with book, b/c as unique a spin as this is on those two subjects, they are subjects that have been addressed more than frequently. Like Apollo says about the experiment itself:

Athene and I certainly didn’t imagine it would really work the way Plato described it. We knew too much about the soul to hope for that. What was interesting was seeing how much of it could work, how much it really would maximize justice, and how it was going to fail. We could learn a lot from that.

And that’s certainly true. BUT. A book that is ultimately a fictional experiment—doomed to fail—can teach us, the reader, nothing new. The whole thing is almost Post Modern in its complacent acceptance of horrible things. Like a woman being date-raped, but she says nothing, b/c it could destroy her already tenuous status in male-dominant society. Male-dominant despite the very tenants of Plato’s “just city,” and despite the equal numbers.


Yes, I get it. No amount of equal opportunity employment propaganda is going to force attitudes to change. Again . . . I already knew that. EVERYONE knows that. SO as much as I enjoyed watching half a dozen characters grow and change in truly profound ways, the “experiment” itself and its inevitable conclusion keep it from being a perfect read.


However, Walton’s writing is clever and insightful and dynamic, and it really made me think. This is not fluff. This is a book to read when you want to scratch deeper than the surface.


Part science fiction with time travel and robots who may or may not be developing cognizance, part fantasy with meddlesome Greek gods and their machinations on Atlantis, but both parts an examination of humanity and classical philosophy, THE JUST CITY is the first book by Jo Walton that I’ve read, but it definitely won’t be the last. Recommended with qualifications.





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Question: Who Are Your Fav Male Audiobook Narrators?


My quota of male to female narrators used to be greatly skewed towards the fairer sex because Urban Fantasy is mostly about kickass chicks, and the women who write them. In recent years, we’ve seen a shift in that trend, although admittedly there are some dudes who’ve been owning that genre for quite some time now. Same goes for Paranormal Romance. That being said, my list of favourite female readers is quite extensive when compared to the opposite side of the gender spectrum, so I figured I’d broach the latter first in the hopes of adding to my audiobook stockpile. Part two of this Question will follow soon.

This week’s discussion post was actually inspired by my most recent male narrator discovery: R.C. Bray. He’s the voice behind Andy Weir’s THE MARTIAN, and my head is still spinning from how quickly I became hooked on his performance. I’d like to thank Marcela from The Bookaholic Cat for the wonderful recommendation! I don’t care for Science Fiction, or Math, and this story has both, and I LOVED IT. Another staple on my iPhone is Kevin Hearne’s THE IRON DRUID CHRONICLES with Luke Daniels; he usually has me laughing out loud within minutes of hitting play, and his rendition of Oberon is priceless.

Roger Wayne is in the same league as Daniels delivery-wise, except the protagonist in Elliott James’ PAX ARCANA series is a cooler, more modern version of Atticus O’Sullivan, so if you like one, you’re pretty much guaranteed to hit it off with both of these talented artists. Melanie from Hot Listens is to blame for my seven month long binge listen (and still counting) of Kresley Cole’s IMMORTALS AFTER DARK. It just goes to show that if you say “sexy Scottish werewolves” to me enough times, I’ll agree to almost anything, even committing to thirteen+ installments. I have to hand it to her though, Robert Petkoff is THE MAN!

I’ve also been on a THE DRESDEN FILES tear lately because Jim Butcher’s books have been on my bucket list for ages now, and as soon as I found out that James Marsters (a.k.a. Spike) was the reader, I couldn’t resist any longer. There are some kinks in the narration in the earlier installments, but once the story gets going it’s wildly entertaining. I liked Dan Bittner in Maggie Stiefvater’s SINNER, and Keith Nobbs in POISON PRINCESS (Kresley Cole); however both of those audios had two narrators, so my experience with them is rather limited.

Who Are Your Fav Male Audiobook Narrators?

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Review: Hold Me Like a Breath by Tiffany Schmidt

Review: Hold Me Like a Breath by Tiffany Schmidt
Hold Me Like a Breath
Author: Tiffany Schmidt
Series: Once Upon a Crime Family #1
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA Childrens
Published on: May 19 2015
Genre: Young Adult
Format: 400 pages, eARC
Provided by: NetGalley
Amazon | Kobo | B&N | Book Depo | GoodReads

In Penelope Landlow's world, almost anything can be bought or sold. She's the daughter of one of the three crime families controlling the black market for organ transplants. Because of an autoimmune disorder that causes her to bruise easily, Penny is considered too "delicate" to handle the family business, or even to step foot outside their estate.

All Penelope has ever wanted is independence-until she's suddenly thrust into the dangerous world all alone, forced to stay one step ahead of her family's enemies. As she struggles to survive the power plays of rival crime families, she learns dreams come with casualties, betrayal hurts worse than bruises, and there's nothing she won't risk for the people she loves.

Perfect for fans of Holly Black and Kimberly Derting, this first book in the stunning new Once Upon a Crime Family series from acclaimed author Tiffany Schmidt will leave readers breathless.



The first thing that struck me about this book was the title: HOLD ME LIKE A BREATH.


There are a lot of different ways you can hold someone, and I’ve heard innumerable similes in that regard, but never that one . . . “like a breath.”


You hold your breath like it’s yours, like it belongs to you, b/c it does. And whether you’re holding your breath b/c you’re underwater or b/c smelly things or for any other reason, you’re fighting yourself, b/c your natural inclination is to breathe.


So for someone else to hold you like a breath . . . they would have to think that they own you, and they would have to stifle you, b/c as the breath that’s being held . . . your greatest wish is to escape . . . to be free.


Unsurprisingly, the title is appropriate, and for more reasons than I expected.




I’m really not sure what to do with this book . . . It’s been called YA fantasy and a retelling of a fairy tale, and if the author herself hadn’t referred to it as such in her note at the end of the book, I’d have thought it was another marketing misfire: grasping at straws and tangential connections to make the book appealing to a broader demographic.


However, regardless of Schmidt’s intent, only the flimsiest connections keep this story from being a standard YA contemporary romance, or maybe a romantic suspense. Even with the references to Once Upon a Mattress, which I’ve seen performed and very much enjoyed, it completely escaped me that HOLD ME LIKE A BREATH was supposed to be a retelling of The Princess and the Pea.


About two-thirds of the way in I finally caved and skimmed a few early reviews, one of which clued me in . . .


In hindsight, I can see it . . . a little bit . . . b/c Penny Landlow (our heroine) has an autoimmune disease, and at its nastiest, laying on a (dried or frozen) pea could literally leave a bruise. It also helps that as far as fairy tales go, THE PRINCESS AND THE PEA is pretty lame vague.




There’s nothing fantastical about having an autoimmune disease, and the singular aspect in which this world diverges from reality has to do with illegal organ transplants and the mafia-style families that govern them (also not fantastical), and that, in my humble opinion does not a “fantasy” make.


In fact, there’s almost an entire subgenre of contemporary romance that fixates on Bad Boy mafia men, and there are no more aspirations of being shelved as fantasy with them then there are in the love-me-I’m-famous (movie/rock star) category. At best I’d call this a modern retelling à la Baz Luhrman’s Romeo + Juliet. But that’s not a fair comparison either, b/c Baz Luhrman’s ROMEO + JULIET is the best modern retelling EVER.


And this . . . well, the story was fairly predictable. There was only one key plot point that I didn’t guess in advance (but even there I half guessed it), and some of the betrayals felt a bit OTT, as did the almost horror movie vibe b/c Bad Guy won’t die. I also like a bit less tragedy and a bit more hope in my YA reads . . .


There’s a reason I don’t read romances in which one of the characters is a ghost, and that reason is that a HEA is impossible. Plus it’s just painful to watch. It’s similarly painful to watch Penny b/c she’s so damn breakable. Admittedly, this scenario is slightly different, b/c she’s sick, not dead, and there was a definite hint of a cure if she’s brave enough to risk it, but this being YA, it probably won’t happen until the very last second of the very last book, so be prepared for that.


HOLD ME LIKE A BREATH by Tiffany Schmidt is less fairy tale retelling, more YA romance. If I had know that going into it, I probably would have enjoyed it more. That being said, taken as what it is, it’s not bad. A sheltered heroine who is determined to stand on her own two feet and a frog-turned-prince kept me entertained, and unlike me, you can read it with more realistic expectations. Recommended if you enjoy YA romance and the “family” life.


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Reading progress update: I've read 49%.

Shadowed Threads - Shannon Mayer

Ok, so there IS a reason why Rylee attracts sidekicks like lost puppies. Now, if we can just solve the O’Shea problem I'd be sold on this series. 

Review: As Shadows Fade by Colleen Gleason

Review: As Shadows Fade by Colleen Gleason
As Shadows Fade
Author: Colleen Gleason
Series: The Gardella Vampire Hunters #5
Publisher: Avid Press
Published on: September 15, 2014
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Format: 368 pages, eBook
Provided by: Purchased
Amazon | Kobo | B&N | Book Depo | GoodReads

"Vampires have met their match with Victoria Gardella,"* but now the huntress faces an even greater evil as London is besieged by malevolent entities no mortal was ever meant to encounter...

Directly descended from the very first vampire hunter in the Gardella family, Victoria knows she must continue the lineage so humanity will have protectors against the undead. While Sebastian Vioget appears to both the perfect warrior and lover to ensure the Gardella Legacy, Victoria cannot forget Max Pesaro--the former slayer still haunted by the vampire queen Lilith's obsession with him.

But it is Lilith's obsession that may save all of humanity. Demons, enemies of both mortals and the undead, have found their way to earth. To defeat them, vampires and slayers must fight side by side. But Lilith wants Max in return for her cooperation--a small price for the world, but too high a price for Victoria.

Top Read Well Written Kick Ass Paranormal Page Turner


A lovely ending to a wonderful series? A heartbreaking ending to a favorite series? A wonderfully written ending to a series I couldn’t stop reading? Another 5 stars for this exciting thriller of a read? All true.

A little background for those that do not know about this series. Victoria is a venator, otherwise known as a vampire hunter/killer. What makes this read different from all other vampire slayer reads is first of all, it takes place in Regency era England, and secondly, the world building is so inventive and wonderfully imagined by the author that it leaves other books of this ilk in the dust. And of course there is a third-characters that fairly leap off the page in their realness and complexity.

In addition to Victoria, other characters include Max, Victoria’s venator partner, mentor, and at this point so much more, Sebastian, Victoria’s ex-lover and most of the time friend, also a venator, Wayren, the mentor for all the venators and a mystery figure to all, and of course Victoria’s clueless mother and her two best friends- and partners in all things designed to get Victoria married to a member of the ton. Then there is Lilith, Max obsessed, queen of the vampires, and enemy to Max and to any kind of life Max wants with Victoria. She was pretty perfect throughout this series as a horrendous villain. Of course there have been other villains along the way, but she has been the worse.

I am not going to go into the story more because at this point it should remain somewhat of a mystery until you start the read, but of course you can always read the blurb. Although I don’t think I have read any of the blurbs of these books since the first one, because it’s not necessary when a series is so good that I didn’t care what it says.

It’s hard to say goodbye to characters that one has come to love and admire, and to a story line that was exciting, adventuresome, violent at times, and yes even romantic. This particular installment is still urban fantasy, but in the end there was an off the charts wonderful and sensual romance, making this book not only UF, but paranormal romance as well. By my standards that makes it pretty perfect.

So if you enjoy urban fantasy, and paranormal romance, I would highly recommend you read this series. You won’t regret it for one minute. It’s adult, due to violence and sexual situations-and don’t let the historical part scare you off-it only adds another dimension to this wonderfully written series. I have already bought the short story, Max Stops the Presses, that takes place after this book, and winds up a dangling thread for the reader. The author has also jumped a hundred years into the future and started another series that takes place in this world called, Roaring Midnight, and yes it takes place in the 1920’s. Can’t wait to read that one!

FYI This was originally published in 2009.

The Gardella Vampire Chronicles

My Review

My Review

My Review

My Review


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Fresh Meat: May 17-23rd Speculative Fiction Releases

Paranormal Romance:

Witches Be Burned
Witches Be Burned (Magic & Mayhem #2)
by Stacey Kennedy
Paranormal Romance
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In Stacey Kennedy’s steamy paranormal romance novel, a rookie guardian sworn to combat the undead risks life and love in a world of violence, witchcraft, and seduction.

Trained as an Elite Guardian and witch, Nexi Jones has lost her family and she’s hell-bent on making sure she doesn’t lose anyone else. At least she has Kyden, her smoldering hot partner who’s been there for her every step of the way. But just as Nexi thinks she’s done mourning, tragedy strikes the Otherworld when a fellow guardian is murdered by a group of rogue vampires. Drawn into their dangerous games, she and Kyden trek into the Earthworld to hunt down a killer—and Nexi alone will be put to the ultimate test.

Although Kyden knows that Nexi must fight her own battles, his guardian instincts are raging as he struggles to keep her close. The ruthlessness of these vampires is like nothing he’s ever seen. And at their helm is the black witch Astoria, a demon with one burning desire: to shed blood in the name of vengeance. What troubles Kyden even more, though, is the warlock lurking in the shadows. Let the devil do his worst . . . all Kyden can do is love and protect Nexi until his last breath.

Urban Fantasy:

Eighth Grave After Dark
(Charley Davidson #8)
by Darynda Jones
Urban Fantasy
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With twelve hellhounds after her, pregnant Charley Davidson takes refuge at the only place she thinks they can’t get to her: the grounds of an abandoned convent. But after months of being cooped up there, Charley is ready to pop. Both metaphorically and literally since she is now roughly the size of a beached whale. Fortunately, a new case has captured her attention, one that involves a murder on the very grounds the team has taken shelter upon. A decades-old murder of the newly-vowed nun she keeps seeing in the shadows is almost enough to pull her out of her doldrums.

Charley’s been forbidden to step foot off the sacred grounds. While the angry hellhounds can’t traverse the consecrated soil, they can lurk just beyond its borders. They have the entire team on edge, especially Reyes. And if Charley didn’t know better, she would swear Reyes is getting sick. He grows hotter with every moment that passes, his heat scorching across her skin every time he’s near, but naturally he swears he’s fine.

While the team searches for clues on the Twelve, Charley just wants answers and is powerless to get them. But the mass of friends they’ve accrued helps. They convince her even more that everyone in her recent life has somehow been drawn to her, as though they were a part of a bigger picture all along. But the good feelings don’t last for long because Charley is about to get the surprise of her crazy, mixed-up, supernatural life….


Revive (Redzone #1)
by Tracey Martin
Urban Fantasy
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Book Description

What the mind forgets, the heart remembers.

Alone in a train station bathroom, Sophia Hernandez has no memory of who she is or how she got there. All she’s certain of are three things: her college ID is a lie, bad people are coming for her, and no one can be trusted.

The only clue to her past is the fellow student who finds her. Although Sophia’s gut tells her Kyle is lying when he claims he can’t help her, his touch makes her heart race. Is it because of a red-hot natural attraction, or a missing memory of something far more dangerous?

As two mysterious, menacing men chase them from the station, Sophia’s memories return in frustrating fragments. So do deadly skills she didn’t know she had. In the next forty-eight hours, a loved one’s life will be on the line as she sifts through a mounting tangle of secrets and lies.

Including the most heart-wrenching secret of all. Not only isn’t she a normal college student, she isn’t even a normal human.

Warning: Contains one girl who is more than she seems, one boy who knows more than he’s telling, and enough twists to give you whiplash. Expect explosions of all kinds.

Science Fiction / Fantasy:

by Naomi Novik
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Naomi Novik, author of the bestselling and critically acclaimed Temeraire novels, introduces a bold new world rooted in folk stories and legends, as elemental as a Grimm fairy tale.

“Our Dragon doesn’t eat the girls he takes, no matter what stories they tell outside our valley. We hear them sometimes, from travelers passing through. They talk as though we were doing human sacrifice, and he were a real dragon. Of course that’s not true: he may be a wizard and immortal, but he’s still a man, and our fathers would band together and kill him if he wanted to eat one of us every ten years. He protects us against the Wood, and we’re grateful, but not that grateful.”

Agnieszka loves her valley home, her quiet village, the forests and the bright shining river. But the corrupted Wood stands on the border, full of malevolent power, and its shadow lies over her life.

Her people rely on the cold, driven wizard known only as the Dragon to keep its powers at bay. But he demands a terrible price for his help: one young woman handed over to serve him for ten years, a fate almost as terrible as falling to the Wood.

The next choosing is fast approaching, and Agnieszka is afraid. She knows—everyone knows—that the Dragon will take Kasia: beautiful, graceful, brave Kasia, all the things Agnieszka isn’t, and her dearest friend in the world. And there is no way to save her.

But Agnieszka fears the wrong things. For when the Dragon comes, it is not Kasia he will choose.


The Scarlet Gospels
by Clive Barker
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Book Description

The Scarlet Gospels takes readers back many years to the early days of two of Barker’s most iconic characters in a battle of good and evil as old as time: The long-beleaguered detective Harry D’Amour, investigator of all supernatural, magical, and malevolent crimes faces off against his formidable, and intensely evil rival, Pinhead, the priest of hell. Barker devotees have been waiting for The Scarlet Gospels with bated breath for years, and it’s everything they’ve begged for and more. Bloody, terrifying, and brilliantly complex, fans and newcomers alike will not be disappointed by the epic, visionary tale that is The Scarlet Gospels. Barker’s horror will make your worst nightmares seem like bedtime stories. The Gospels are coming. Are you ready?


The Gracekeepers
by Kirsty Logan
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Book Description

As a Gracekeeper, Callanish administers shoreside burials, laying the dead to their final resting place deep in the depths of the ocean. Alone on her island, she has exiled herself to a life of tending watery graves as penance for a long-ago mistake that still haunts her. Meanwhile, North works as a circus performer with the Excalibur, a floating troupe of acrobats, clowns, dancers, and trainers who sail from one archipelago to the next, entertaining in exchange for sustenance.

In a world divided between those inhabiting the mainland (“landlockers”) and those who float on the sea (“damplings”), loneliness has become a way of life for North and Callanish, until a sudden storm offshore brings change to both their lives–offering them a new understanding of the world they live in and the consequences of the past, while restoring hope in an unexpected future.

Inspired in part by Scottish myths and fairytales, The Gracekeepers tells a modern story of an irreparably changed world: one that harbors the same isolation and sadness, but also joys and marvels of our own age.


When the Heavens Fall
by Marc Turner
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Book Description

If you pick a fight with Shroud, Lord of the Dead, you had better ensure your victory, else death will mark only the beginning of your suffering.

A book giving its wielder power over the dead has been stolen from a fellowship of mages that has kept the powerful relic dormant for centuries. The thief, a crafty, power-hungry necromancer, intends to use the Book of Lost Souls to resurrect an ancient race and challenge Shroud for dominion of the underworld. Shroud counters by sending his most formidable servants to seize the artifact at all cost.

However, the god is not the only one interested in the Book, and a host of other forces converge, drawn by the powerful magic that has been unleashed. Among them is a reluctant Guardian who is commissioned by the Emperor to find the stolen Book, a troubled prince who battles enemies both personal and political, and a young girl of great power, whose past uniquely prepares her for an encounter with Shroud. The greatest threat to each of their quests lies not in the horror of an undead army but in the risk of betrayal from those closest to them. Each of their decisions comes at a personal cost and will not only affect them, but also determine the fate of their entire empire.

The first of an epic swords & sorcery fantasy trilogy, Marc Turner’s When the Heavens Fall features gritty characters, deadly magic, and meddlesome gods


by Neal Stephenson
Science Fiction
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Book Description

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Anathem, Reamde, and Cryptonomicon comes an exciting and thought-provoking science fiction epic—a grand story of annihilation and survival spanning five thousand years.

What would happen if the world were ending?

A catastrophic event renders the earth a ticking time bomb. In a feverish race against the inevitable, nations around the globe band together to devise an ambitious plan to ensure the survival of humanity far beyond our atmosphere, in outer space.

But the complexities and unpredictability of human nature coupled with unforeseen challenges and dangers threaten the intrepid pioneers, until only a handful of survivors remain . . .

Five thousand years later, their progeny—seven distinct races now three billion strong—embark on yet another audacious journey into the unknown . . . to an alien world utterly transformed by cataclysm and time: Earth.

A writer of dazzling genius and imaginative vision, Neal Stephenson combines science, philosophy, technology, psychology, and literature in a magnificent work of speculative fiction that offers a portrait of a future that is both extraordinary and eerily recognizable. As he did in Anathem, Cryptonomicon, the Baroque Cycle, and Reamde, Stephenson explores some of our biggest ideas and perplexing challenges in a breathtaking saga that is daring, engrossing, and altogether brilliant.


Hannu Rajaniemi
by Hannu Rajaniemi
Science Fiction
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Book Description

Inside the firewall the city is alive. Buildings breathe, cars attack, angels patrol, and hyper-intelligent pets rebel.

With unbridled invention and breakneck adventure, Hannu Rajaniemi is on the cutting-edge of science fiction. His post-apocalyptic, post-cyberpunk, and post-human tales are full of exhilarating energy and unpredictable optimism.

How will human nature react when the only limit to desire is creativity? When the distinction between humans and gods is as small as nanomachines—or as large as the universe? Whether the next big step in technology is 3D printing, genetic alteration, or unlimited space travel, Rajaniemi writes about what happens after.


Eternity’s Wheel (InterWorld #3)
by Neil Gaiman, Michael Reaves & Mallory Reaves
Science Fiction
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Book Description

Joey Harker is a Leader.

With InterWorld trapped by HEX and his only other companion—the mysterious Time Agent Acacia Jones—missing in action, Joey’s the only one left. Though injured and alone, he refuses to give up. How can he, when all the worlds are depending on him?

As the threat of FrostNight looms ever closer, Joey seeks out more of his fellow Walkers across the Altiverse, training them as fast as he can and trying to track down InterWorld Base Town along the way. But even a solid team of recruits—including Acacia’s brother, Avery, who’s not a recruit so much as a tenuous ally—can’t prepare Joey for the ultimate showdown with InterWorld’s enemies, old and new.

Joey never wanted to be in charge. But he’s the one everyone is looking to now, and he’ll have to step up if he has any hope of saving InterWorld, the Multiverse, and everything in between.

Eternity’s Wheel is the heart-pounding conclusion to the InterWorld series, full of time and space travel, magic, science, and the bravery of a young boy who must now face his destiny as a young man.


The Hanged Man
(Her Majesty’s Psychic Service #1)
by P.N. Elrod
Science Fiction / Steampunk
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Book Description

On a freezing Christmas Eve in 1879, a forensic psychic reader is summoned from her Baker Street lodgings to the scene of a questionable death. Alexandrina Victoria Pendlebury (named after her godmother, the current Queen of England) is adamant that the death in question is a magically compromised murder and not a suicide, as the police had assumed, after the shocking revelation contained by the body in question, Alex must put her personal loss aside to uncover the deeper issues at stake, before more bodies turn up.

Turning to some choice allies–the handsome, prescient Lieutenant Brooks, the brilliant, enigmatic Lord Desmond, and her rapscallion cousin James–Alex will have to marshal all of her magical and mental acumen to save Queen and Country from a shadowy threat. Our singular heroine is caught up in this rousing gaslamp adventure of cloaked assassins, meddlesome family, and dark magic.

Young Adult:

Off the Page
by Jodi Picoult & Samantha Van Leer
Young Adult
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Book Description

From #1 New York Times bestselling authors Jodi Picoult and her daughter and coauthor, Samantha van Leer, comes OFF THE PAGE, a tender and appealing romantic YA novel filled with humor, adventure, and magical relationships.

Meet Oliver, a prince literally taken from the pages of a fairy tale and transported into the real world. Meet Delilah, the girl who wished Oliver into being. It’s a miracle that seems perfect at first—but there are complications. To exist in Delilah’s world, Oliver must take the place of a regular boy. Enter Edgar, who agrees to play Oliver’s role in the pages of Delilah’s favorite book. But just when it seems that the plan will work, everything gets turned upside down.

Full of humor and witty commentary about life, OFF THE PAGE is a stand-alone novel as well as the companion to the authors’ bestseller Between the Lines, and is perfect for readers looking for a fairytale ending. Fans of Sarah Dessen and Meg Cabot are sure to appreciate this novel about love, romance, and relationships.


Lion Heart (Scarlet #3)
by A.C. Gaughen
Young Adult
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Book Description

Scarlet has captured the hearts of readers as well as the heart of Robin Hood, and after ceaseless obstacles and countless threats, readers will finally find out the fate of the Lady Thief.

Only the greatest loves can survive great danger. . .

Imprisoned by Prince John for months, Scarlet finds herself a long way from Nottinghamshire. After a daring escape, she learns that King Richard’s life is in jeopardy, and Eleanor of Aquitaine needs Scarlet’s help to free him. For a lifelong thief, this newfound allegiance to the crown-her family-is a strange feeling.

Scarlet knows that helping Eleanor will put her and those she loves back in Prince John’s sights. Desperate not to risk anyone’s life but her own, Scarlet formulates a plan to help save the king on her own. But fate-and her heart-won’t allow her to stay away from Nottinghamshire for long. Even if Scarlet and Rob can together stop Prince John from going through with his dark plans for England, will their love be enough to save them once and for all?


by Heather Dixon
Young Adult
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Book Description

What if the world holds more dangers—and more wonders—than we have ever known? And what if there is more than one world? From Heather Dixon, author of the acclaimed Entwined, comes a brilliantly conceived adventure that sweeps us from the inner workings of our souls to the far reaches of our imaginations.

Jonathan is perfectly ordinary. But then—as every good adventure begins—the king swoops into port, and Jonathan and his father are enlisted to find the cure to a deadly plague. Jonathan discovers that he’s a prodigy at working with a new chemical called fantillium, which creates shared hallucinations—or illusions. And just like that, Jonathan is knocked off his path. Through richly developed parallel worlds, vivid action, a healthy dose of humor, and gorgeous writing, Heather Dixon spins a story that calls to mind The Night Circus and Pixar movies, but is wholly its own.


Hold Me Like a Breath
(Once Upon a Crime Family #1)
by Tiffany Schmidt
Young Adult
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Book Description

In Penelope Landlow’s world, almost anything can be bought or sold. She’s the daughter of one of the three crime families controlling the black market for organ transplants. Because of an autoimmune disorder that causes her to bruise easily, Penny is considered too “delicate” to handle the family business, or even to step foot outside their estate.

All Penelope has ever wanted is independence-until she’s suddenly thrust into the dangerous world all alone, forced to stay one step ahead of her family’s enemies. As she struggles to survive the power plays of rival crime families, she learns dreams come with casualties, betrayal hurts worse than bruises, and there’s nothing she won’t risk for the people she loves.


Dangerous Deception
(Dangerous Creatures #2)
by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl
Young Adult
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Book Description

From the world of Beautiful Creatures–a dangerous new tale of love and magic continues in the sequel to angerous Creatures.

After a disastrous car crash outside New York City, Ridley Duchannes-Dark Caster, Siren, and bona fide bad girl-has gone missing. Her wannabe rocker and quarter Incubus boyfriend, Wesley “Link” Lincoln, was driving, and when he comes to, Ridley is nowhere to be found. The only clue is the giant raven emblazoned on the hood of the truck that hit them, which can mean only one thing: Silas Ravenwood is back. And he has Ridley.

Determined to find her, Link reunites with old friends John Breed and Liv Durand, his New York bandmates, and the mysterious Lennox Gates-who has his own reasons for tracking down Ridley. Together they travel through the Caster Tunnels and the Deep South to New Orleans, where they uncover the truth about the infamous Ravenwood labs and exactly what Silas has been doing within those walls. By the time Link and his friends reach Ridley, she is no longer the Siren they know and love. She’s something new. This time, love might not be enough to save them.

In this sequel to Dangerous Creatures, the bestselling spin-off of the #1 New York Times bestselling Beautiful Creatures novels, coauthors Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl deliver an intoxicating blend of magic, suspense, and danger.


Chantress Fury (Chantress Trilogy #3)
by Amy Butler Greenfield
Young Adult
Amazon B&N GoodReads

Book Description

Power and politics, heartbreak and danger, magic and mermaids—Lucy must conquer it all in the compelling conclusion to the enchanting series that began with Chantress and continued with Chantress Alchemy.

With a song, Lucy can control the wind and the water; she can bring castles and kingdoms to their feet. Since Lucy mastered her powers, King Henry has kept her close. And now he’s called her to investigate attempted murder—by a mermaid. All Lucy can glean from the creature they’ve captured is a warning: The sea is coming. We are coming. And we will drown you all.

And then the floods begin. Swaths of London are submerged as the people scramble to defend themselves against the water, and the monsters, that are flooding their streets. As mistrust of Lucy’s magic grows, the king relies on Nat, Lucy’s great love, to guide them through the storm. But Nat is cold and distant to Lucy. He swore his love only a year before, but now he calls her “stranger.”

Lucy is determined to defeat this powerful new magic alone if she must. But then she hears an eerie song within the water…can it mean that she is not the last Chantress after all?


A School for Unusual Girls
(Stranje House #1)
by Kathleen Baldwin
Young Adult
Amazon B&N GoodReads

Book Description

It’s 1814. Napoleon is exiled on Elba. Europe is in shambles. Britain is at war on four fronts. And Stranje House, a School for Unusual Girls, has become one of Regency England’s dark little secrets. The daughters of the beau monde who don’t fit high society’s constrictive mold are banished to Stranje House to be reformed into marriageable young ladies. Or so their parents think. In truth, Headmistress Emma Stranje, the original unusual girl, has plans for the young ladies–plans that entangle the girls in the dangerous world of spies, diplomacy, and war.

After accidentally setting her father’s stables on fire while performing a scientific experiment, Miss Georgiana Fitzwilliam is sent to Stranje House. But Georgie has no intention of being turned into a simpering, pudding-headed, marriageable miss. She plans to escape as soon as possible–until she meets Lord Sebastian Wyatt. Thrust together in a desperate mission to invent a new invisible ink for the English war effort, Georgie and Sebastian must find a way to work together without losing their heads–or their hearts….


From a Distant Star
by Karen McQuestion
Young Adult
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Book Description

Seventeen-year-old Emma was the only one who hadn’t given up on her boyfriend, Lucas. Everyone else—his family, his friends, his doctors—was convinced that any moment could be his last. So when Lucas miraculously returns from the brink of death, Emma thinks her prayers have been answered.

As the surprised town rejoices, Emma begins to question whether Lucas is the same boy she’s always known. When she finds an unidentifiable object on his family’s farm—and government agents come to claim it—she begins to suspect that nothing is what it seems. Emma’s out-of-this-world discovery may be the key to setting things right, but only if she and Lucas can evade the agents who are after what they have. With all her hopes and dreams on the line, Emma sets out to save the boy she loves. And with a little help from a distant star, she might just have a chance at making those dreams come true.


Nothing But Shadows
(Tales From the Shadowhunter Academy #4)
by Cassandra Clare & Sarah Rees Brennan
Young Adult
Amazon B&N GoodReads

Book Description

Simon learns about James Herondale’s time at Shadowhunter Academy. One of ten adventures in Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy.

It’s hard to be a Shadowhunter when you’ve got demonic powers. Simon learns about the school-time struggles of half-warlock James Herondale in this prelude to The Last Hours.


The Choosing
by Rachelle Dekker
Young Adult
Amazon B&N GoodReads

Book Description

Like all citizens since the Ruining, Carrington Hale knows the importance of this day. But she never expected the moment she’d spent a lifetime preparing for—her Choosing ceremony—to end in disaster. Ripped from her family, she’ll spend her days serving as a Lint, the lowest level of society. She knows it’s her duty to follow the true way of the Authority.

But as Carrington begins this nightmare, rumors of rebellion rattle her beliefs. Though the whispers contradict everything she’s been told, they resonate deep within.

Then Carrington is offered an unprecedented chance at the life she’s always dreamed of, yet she can’t shake the feeling that it may be an illusion. With a killer targeting Lints and corruption threatening the highest levels of the Authority, Carrington must uncover the truth before it destroys her.


Thor’s Serpents (The Blackwell Pages #3)
by K.L. Armstrong & M.A. Marr
Middle Grade
Amazon B&N GoodReads

Book Description

For fans of Percy Jackson and the Olympians, the thrilling conclusion to The Blackwell Pages, written by New York Times bestselling YA authors, K.L. Armstrong and M.A. Marr.

Thirteen-year-olds Matt, Laurie, and Fen have beaten near-impossible odds to assemble their fellow descendants of the Norse Gods and complete epic quests. Their biggest challenge lies ahead: battling the fierce monsters working to bring about the apocalypse.

But when they learn that Matt must fight the Midgard Serpent alone and Fen and Laurie are pulled in other directions, the friends realize they can’t take every step of this journey together. Matt, Laurie, and Fen will each have to fight their own battles to survive, to be true to themselves, and to one another – with nothing less than the fate of the world hanging in the balance.

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Reading progress update: I've read 100%.

Wolf Trouble - Paige Tyler

After I read the first book I learned that it was the author's intention to slowly reveal deets about her werewolves over the course of several installments, so I fully expected the minimal world-building, and that made the lack of answers slightly less frustrating. Paige DOES explore my previous question about females in SWAT which was enough to stave off my curiosity (for now), and allow me to enjoy Khaki & Xander's story. The characters weren't as predictable as HUNGRY LIKE THE WOLF, and the romance was better. Full review to follow. ~4.5 Stars

Early Review: Eighth Grave After Dark by Darynda Jones

Eighth Grave After Dark  - Darynda Jones

Eighth Grave After Dark
Author: Darynda Jones
Series: Charley Davidson #8
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Published on: May 19, 2015
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Format: 304 pages, eARC
Provided by: NetGalley
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With twelve hellhounds after her, pregnant Charley Davidson takes refuge at the only place she thinks they can't get to her: the grounds of an abandoned convent. But after months of being cooped up there, Charley is ready to pop. Both metaphorically and literally since she is now roughly the size of a beached whale. Fortunately, a new case has captured her attention, one that involves a murder on the very grounds the team has taken shelter upon. A decades-old murder of the newly-vowed nun she keeps seeing in the shadows is almost enough to pull her out of her doldrums.

Charley's been forbidden to step foot off the sacred grounds. While the angry hellhounds can't traverse the consecrated soil, they can lurk just beyond its borders. They have the entire team on edge, especially Reyes. And if Charley didn't know better, she would swear Reyes is getting sick. He grows hotter with every moment that passes, his heat scorching across her skin every time he's near, but naturally he swears he's fine.

While the team searches for clues on the Twelve, Charley just wants answers and is powerless to get them. But the mass of friends they've accrued helps. They convince her even more that everyone in her recent life has somehow been drawn to her, as though they were a part of a bigger picture all along. But the good feelings don't last for long because Charley is about to get the surprise of her crazy, mixed-up, supernatural life….

Mystery Epic Amazeballs


This was the first time that I’ve read a CHARLEY DAVIDSON novel, so I was a little worried that the story just wouldn’t be the same without Lorelei King’s narration, and yes I did miss her sultry voice (audiobook’s been pre-ordered!), but I regret nothing. EIGHTH GRAVE AFTER DARK was the installment that I’ve been craving since Darynda Jones began laying her trail of breadcrumbs in FIRST GRAVE ON THE RIGHT. We get answers to oh so many questions, to the point that I’ll be hitting play on my iPhone the moment it shows up because one pass wasn’t nearly enough.

Lately this series has been on my ‘easy listening’ playlist thanks to it’s snarky humour, scorching romance, and the fact that it’s, for the most part, mindless entertainment. Well, that all changes with this latest addition; Charley’s working a case—from the confines of a convent no less—and her latest problematic spooks aren’t stalking her in order to cross over. Oh, and she’s eight months preggo. AND, the prophesy is not even close to being done with her yet. I typed up a list of must-remember events, and I have sixteen bullet points. SIXTEEN!

I found that the author waited a touch too long to fill readers in on what’s what; it seemed like she saved every single reveal for this installment, and as much as I loved finally getting to open Pandora’s Box, it was a bit much to take in all at once. Practically every page had an ah-ha moment, but as gratifying as the discoveries were, this novel wasn’t nearly as funny as some of the previous volumes, so while it was a strong addition in many respects, it didn’t deliver in all areas. Still, the Mr. Wong mystery was solved, that’s all that matters.

Jones definitely hit all of the right notes where my favourite characters were concerned. Cookie & Ubie are sneaking up on Charley & Reyes, and I’m really diggin’ Osh too. I even started to like Denise, Davidson’s witch of a stepmom, which was weird, but I’m so over her now. I was however disappointed that there’s still drama between the lead couple; they persist on doing stuff behind each other’s backs. I mean, it’s looking like their kid might be Earth’s only hope, so maybe they should get their act together because the fate of humanity quite possibly hangs in the balance. Just a thought.

EIGHTH GRAVE AFTER DARK was a critical book in the CHARLEY DAVIDSON series, and despite my minor quibbles, I will be downloading the audio on Tuesday, and spending the next nine hours with Darynda Jones and Lorelei King for a repeat performance!


Charley Davidson Series:

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Blog Barrage Sign-Up – Dark and Damaged


I’m organizing a blog barrage for DARK AND DAMAGED: EIGHT BAD BOYS OF PARANORMAL ROMANCE from June 15th to 28th. This boxed set features eight hot paranormal romances by New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors including Jennifer Ashley, Caris Roane, Erin Kellison, Felicity Heaton, Erin Quinn, Laurie London, Bonnie Vanak and Colleen Gleason.

Each stop will include an intro piece, blurb and cover, excerpt from one of the books in the boxed set, author bios and links. Giveaways of select eBooks (not from boxed set) will also be available for bloggers interested in hosting.

All tour hosts will be automatically entered to win one of two prizes: $100 & $50 Amazon or Coach gift certificates (valid internationally).

Titles featured in boxed set:

LION EYES by Jennifer Ashley
BLOOD FLAME by Caris Roane
TEMPTED BY FIRE by Erin Kellison
HER SINFUL ANGEL by Felicity Heaton
REBEL’S DESIRE by Laurie London
REDEMPTION by Bonnie Vanak
RAGING DAWN by Colleen Gleason


Dark and Dangerous



Eight all-new, never-before-published hot paranormal romances by eight New York Times bestselling authors. Tortured alpha-male bad boys will ignite your darkest, most secret desires in these stories about vampires, shifters, dragons, fallen angels, werewolves, demons, psychic warriors and ghosts.

Jennifer Ashley

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Jennifer Ashley has lived and traveled all over the world, and now lives in the Southwest. She writes historical, paranormal, and contemporary romance as Jennifer Ashley; mysteries as Ashley Gardner; and paranormal romance and urban fantasy as Allyson James.

Jennifer’s/Allyson’s/Ashley’s more than fifty novels have won RWA’s RITA award, the Golden Quill, RT Reviewer’s Choice awards, and the Prism award, among others. Jennifer’s novels have been also been translated into French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, Norwegian, Hungarian, Italian, Thai, and other languages.

Jennifer enjoys writing and reading above all else, but her hobbies include cooking, hiking, playing flute and guitar, painting, and building miniature rooms and dollhouses.

JennifersRomances.com | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest
GoodReads | Amazon

Caris Roane

I confess I’ve had a love affaire with vampires for several years now, especially warrior vampires, the kind found in the books of Sherrilyn Kenyon, Lara Adrian and JR Ward. Though I’ve been published in Regency Romance under the pseudonym Valerie King–and yes one of my Regency Novellas features a vampire–one day I woke up knowing I had to create my own contemporary world of the warrior vampire.

For some mystical, magical reason, early in the process, my vampires appeared with enormous beautiful wings and it has been the most amazing experience to include flight in my novels, in both battle scenes and scenes involving spectacle. My special vampire world, published by St. Martin’s Press, is introduced in the first book called, ASCENSION (12-28-2010). The second book, BURNING SKIES (May of 2011), opens up the world a little bit more. And even as I write this, I’m on the final draft of my third novel, WINGS OF FIRE (September of 2011). What a thrill it has been to live with my ascended vampires through the creation of this extraordinary, multi-dimensional world!

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Erin Kellison

Erin Kellison is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Reveler serial, where dreaming turns dangerous. She also writes the dark fantasy romance Shadow series and Shadow Kissed series. RT calls Soul Kissed, “a dark fairy tale with a twist, perfect for readers who love passion with their fantasy.” And this year she expands her science fiction romance Sol series.

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Felicity Heaton

Felicity Heaton is a NEW YORK TIMES, USA TODAY and International Best-Selling Author.

Felicity writes passionate paranormal romance books. In her books, she creates detailed worlds, twisting plots, mind-blowing action, intense emotion and heart-stopping romances with leading men that vary from dark deadly vampires to sexy shape-shifters and wicked werewolves, to sinful angels and hot demons!

If you love your angels a little dark and wicked, the best-selling Her Angel series is for you. If you like strong, powerful, and dark vampires then try the Vampires Realm series or any of her stand-alone vampire romance books. If you’re looking for vampire romances that are sinful, passionate and erotic then try the best-selling Vampire Erotic Theatre series. Or if you prefer huge detailed worlds filled with hot-blooded alpha males in every species, from elves to demons to dragons to shifters and angels, then take a look at the new Eternal Mates series.

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Erin Quinn

New York Times bestselling author Erin Quinn writes dark paranormal romance for the thinking reader. Her books have been called “riveting,” “brilliantly plotted” and “beautifully written” and have won, placed or showed in the Booksellers Best, WILLA Award for Historical fiction, the Orange Rose, Readers Crown, Golden Quill, Best Books, and Award of Excellence.

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Laurie London

Laurie London is the NY Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Sweetblood and Iron Portal series—dark, sexy paranormal romance, set primarily in the Pacific Northwest. Publisher’s Weekly calls the Sweetblood series “sexy” and “sizzling.” Her latest release, ENTICED BY BLOOD, is a short story set in the Sweetblood world. WARRIOR’S HEART, book 3 in the Iron Portal series will be out soon.

She lives on a small farm outside of Seattle with her husband, two children and a variety of animals. After graduating from college, she worked for a Fortune 500 company as a programmer/tester and an underwriter. Her other jobs included cocktail waitress, hotel maid, candy store manager and bridal gown sales.

When not writing, she can be found running, reading, sewing, making jewelry, mucking stalls, volunteering or riding her horse. Someday she hopes to qualify for the Quarter Horse World Show – that is, if her horse doesn’t get hurt again.

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Bonnie Vanak

After graduating from the University of Florida with a journalism degree, I worked as a newspaper reporter. After, tired of simply reporting the news, I became a writer for a large international charity. My work took me to countries like Haiti and Honduras to write about famine, disease and other issues. Humanitarian jobs are fulfilling, but emotionally draining. The work is for a good cause, but the pressure can be enormous.

So to counter the suffering I encountered in my travels, I began writing romance novels. My first romance novel, The Falcon & the Dove, was about a handsome Egyptian sheikh protecting a treasure hidden in the sands for centuries. He meets his match in the lovely American who comes to Egypt to unearth the treasure. The Falcon & the Dove won the historical category of the 2001 RWA Melody of Love contest. A year later, it was published by Dorchester Publishing.

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Colleen Gleason

Colleen Gleason is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling and award-winning author who can’t seem to decide what type of book to write…so she writes a lot of different genres!

So far, Colleen has written everything from vampire hunters to dystopian romance, to steampunk, historical romance, and mysteries with a supernatural flair. One element, however, that appears in all of her stories, is that of partnership…whether it be professional, romantic, or both.

All of Colleen’s books feature strong heroines experiencing fast-paced adventures, danger, mystery, and of course, romance. But at the core of each story is the belief that every woman deserves a partner who accepts her for her strengths as well as her weaknesses—and vice versa.

Colleen lives in the midwest United States with her family and two dogs, and is always working on her next book.

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Cover Reveal: When An Alpha Purrs by Eve Langlais

Grizzly Love

When An Alpha Purrs
A Lion’s Pride #1
June 4, 2015
Grizzly Love

A lion’s pride isn’t defined only by those he commands but also resides with his hair, so when a human dares to butcher Arik’s mane, he gets his revenge—and claims her as his mate.

A billionaire CEO and leader of the largest East Coast pride, Arik is a ladies man and a lion. Used to commanding others, and obedience, he can’t believe it when a hairdresser with tempting curves chops off a hunk of his precious mane.

But her biggest mistake is in running from him.

Run as fast as you can, little mouse, because this cat loves to chase—and pounce.

Oh, and he also likes to nibble on tender bits. What he doesn’t expect is to fall for a human woman, a woman who can make the impossible happen because everyone knows lions can’t purr…until now.

Chapter One
“What do you mean Dominic isn’t here?” Arik didn’t quite raise his voice, and yet everyone in the barbershop heard him and noted his displeasure. Heads ducked, hands busied themselves snipping and styling, and no one dared meet his gaze.

If they were lion shifters, he would have said it was because they recognized his alpha status—say hello to the king of the concrete jungle. But these were only regular humans, people easily cowed by a man in an expensive suit with a commanding attitude.

Except for one.

“Granddad is out west.”

The woman’s reply had him spinning, and he inhaled sharply, which drew in more than just the scent of the barbershop. It drew in her tempting aroma—and stirred a hunger that had nothing to do with food.

Smells delicious. For a human.

Standing at just over five and a half feet, the woman barely reached his chin. She didn’t let her shortness deter her. Her head tilted. The chin raised, almost defiantly, as she met his stare. Brown eyes framed in dark lashes didn’t turn from his amber-hued ones.

Someone’s got spirit. But he didn’t have time to explore how far her attitude and bravery went. There were more important matters clamoring for his attention. Such as his poor, shaggy mane.

“What do you mean he’s out west? I have an appointment.” People didn’t cancel his appointments. Nor did they make him wait. The perks of being top of the heap.

“My Aunt Cecily had her baby early. He took some time off to go meet his new grandson.”

A decent excuse, but still… “But what about my hair?” That might have emerged more plaintively than he’d like. However, who could blame him? They were talking about his precious luxurious mane that required a regular trim lest the ends grow ragged, or, worse, a split end dared to make an appearance.

Vanity, one of his faults, along with arrogance and an unwillingness to budge.

“No need to worry, big guy. I’m taking over Granddad’s appointments while he’s gone.”

“You?” A girl, cut his hair? He couldn’t help but laugh, the idea too ridiculous to contemplate.

“I’m sorry. I fail to see the entertainment.”

“You can’t seriously expect me to trust my mane to a woman?” Sexism, alive and well in Arik’s world, the fault of the females in his pride who’d raised him. No coddling for Arik. They didn’t believe in letting him play with dolls or caving to others. His mother and aunts, not to mention his numerous female cousins, had taught him to be tough. They didn’t allow softness in his world, not when they groomed him as the future leader of their pride.

He was all male, all the time, and dammit, a man used a barber, not a hairdresser. Even if she was cute.

“Suit yourself. I’ve got more than enough men to take care of—”

Was that his cat growling?

“—without adding a pompous one to the list.”

“Pompous?” Even if she’d pegged him right, it didn’t stop his indignant glare.

A glare she chose to ignore. She crossed her arms over her chest, plumping her cleavage—ooh, pretty, shadowy cleft. His curious nature drew his eyes to the mysterious and beckoning vee until she cleared her throat.

“My eyes are up here, big guy.”

Caught. Good thing he was a cat. His kind had no shame, nor did they apologize. He shot her his most engaging, boyish grin. “My name is Arik. Arik Castiglione.”

She didn’t react to his smile or titles, so he elaborated, “The CEO for Castiglione Enterprises.” He stretched his lips wide enough to engage his deadly dimple.

And still failed to impress.

She raised a brow. “Is that supposed to mean something?”

Surely she jested. Within his mind, his poor lion lay down in a traumatized heap and crossed its paws over its eyes.

“We are the largest importer of meat in the world.”

Her shoulders lifted in a shrug. “I don’t check the label to see who brings me my steak. I just eat it.”

“What about our chain of restaurants? A Lion’s Pride Steakhouses.”

“Those I’ve heard of. Decent, I hear, but overpriced. I can get a bigger plate of food at LongHorn. And according to my girlfriends, the male waiters are cuter too.”

For once, Arik found himself at a loss for words. His lion on the other hand? His mane was definitely ruffled—and itching.

Arik had already gone two weeks longer than usual for this haircut because of an overseas business trip. Time to get back to his highest priority. “How long until Dominic is back?”

“A week, maybe two. I told him to take his time. Granddad doesn’t often take time off, and he’s getting up there in years.”

A few weeks? He’d look like a wildebeest if he waited that long. “That’s no good. I need a cut. Are there any male barbers available?”

“Afraid to let a girl touch your precious hair?” She smirked. “I can peek at the schedule and see if we can squeeze you in this afternoon.”

“I don’t have time to come back. I need it done now.”

Usually when he used the word now, people jumped to do his bidding. She, on the other hand, shook her head.

“Not happening, unless you’ve changed your mind and are willing to let me cut it.”

“You’re a hairdresser.”


“I want a barber.”

“Same thing.”

Said the girl without a Y chromosome. “I think I’ll wait.”

Arik turned away from her, only to freeze as she muttered, “Pussy.”

If she only knew how right she was. But, of course, she didn’t mean the feline version.

Pride made him pivot back. “You know what. On second thought, you may cut my hair.”

“How gracious of you, Your Majesty.” She sketched him a mock bow.

Not funny, even if accurate. He glared in reply.

“I see someone’s too uptight for a sense of humor.”

“I greatly enjoy comedy, when I hear it.”

“Sorry if my brand of sarcasm is too simple for you to understand, big guy. Now, if you’re done, sit down so we can get this over with and send you and your precious hair back to your office.”

A woman giving him orders? Not uncommon when a male lived surrounded by them. But actually obeying, that was new – and in this case, unavoidable.

Head held regally high, Arik took the proffered seat, putting his back to the female, but he could still watch her in the mirror and track her by scent. Coconut lotion, fabric softener, and musky woman. All woman.

My woman. Want to taste.

His lion grumbled in hunger. Odd because Arik had eaten a hearty breakfast, even wrestling his beta, Hayder, for the last two pieces of bacon.

The hairdresser swirled a fabric cape around his upper body, swathing him in protection against snipped tickly bits. So far the same as usual, except Dominic’s mere presence never had Arik’s body so aware. The light touch of her fingers at his nape as she fastened the Velcro closure caused all the hairs on his body to stiffen. And they weren’t the only thing standing at attention.

Before he could wonder at his reaction, she withdrew her hand and busied herself with her tray of instruments. Razor, scissors, brush, comb. But forget the manly black colors a barber would use. Her tools were pink and black, zebra striped.

The indignity of it. He almost said something but held his tongue, only because he could see her watching and waiting for it in the mirror. As if he’d give her the satisfaction. This cat held his own tongue—for now.

The hairdresser sifted her fingers through his long strands, lifting and studying the various layers Dominic usually cut into it. Unlike many businessmen, Arik preferred to keep his golden mane somewhat long. Funny how many of his lovers had told him it gave him a leonine appearance—if only they knew the truth.

“How much are we taking off?”

As little as possible, given he still didn’t trust her. “About a half inch or so. Just even up the ends.” That should tide him over until Dominic returned.

“Are you sure?” She frowned at his crown, as she held long strands up. “You look like you could use at least two inches off, if not more.”

How did she know? Arik usually kept his mane to a civilized length that just touched the top of his collar.

“I’m sure.”

“You know, a man your age really should have a more mature cut. The shaggy surfer style is more suited to young guys.”

He dug his fingers into the armrest and fought not to growl. “I like my hair like this.”

“Suit yourself. I was just saying you’d look better with a shorter cut.”

Shave his precious mane? Never! “Do you always argue with your clients?”

Her eyes met his in the mirror, and he wasn’t surprised to see a smile lurking at the corners of her lips. “Only when they’re wrong.”

That surprised a bark of laughter from him. Despite his irritation with the situation, and her outspoken nature, he grudgingly liked Dominic’s granddaughter. “Very well. You may cut it a little shorter than a half inch. But not much shorter. I do not want to end up scalped.”

“For a man your age and in your position, you are way too obsessed with your hair,” she muttered as she bound sections of his mane with hairclips. Not exactly his most manly look.

Arik kept a close watch for anyone with a camera or cell phone. Dare to take a pic and he’d probably go furry.

Okay, he wouldn’t go furry in public, but he sure as hell would extract retribution. CEOs of billion-dollar corporations had an image to maintain, and pink hair clips holding his hair at crazy angles didn’t exactly fit it.

“How come I’ve never met you before?” Dominic had paraded a great number of his children and grandchildren through his barber shop over the years.

Attention focused on her hands, which wielded a set of scissors, she answered. “I don’t visit often. I live out in the Midwest with my mom and dad. I was actually working at a hair salon out there until it shut down, and Granddad offered me a job here.”

“You just packed up and moved?”

“Why not?” She released a layer of hair, and the scissors kept snipping. Golden bits flittered to the floor, and Arik tried to not tense. There was just as much hair strewn as when Dominic cut it. She seemed to know her business when it came to using scissors, but for some reason, he couldn’t shake his unease.

“Women should stay close to family.” His female family members certainly did, despite his best efforts to pawn them off onto other tribes and cities. Hell, he’d even tried to bribe some of his more rascally cousins with the promise of condos on other continents. However, the lionesses in his pride were content. A sign he was a good leader, but annoying as it meant they were constantly putting their whiskered noses in his business.

And they also loved to play matchmaker.

“When are you going to give us some cubs?” Not a day went by that he didn’t hear this.

“I’ve got a friend I want you to meet.” Fun for a night, until the next day when his cousin hammered him to make some kind of commitment.

The hairdresser reacted to his statement about a woman’s place with a snort. “Get with the times, big guy. We’re no longer strapped to a kitchen or forced into arranged marriages. We even get to vote. Girls nowadays often move away from home and have jobs. Or at least this one does.”

He couldn’t help but wince as she gave a decisive snip to his mane. So far, everything looked good. Yet he could have sworn ominous music hummed at the edges of his mind, feeding a certain dread he’d never admit aloud.

Scared of this woman and her scissors? Never. And his lion reinforced this with a very masculine rawr.

Still though, she’d essentially accused him of being a chauvinist. He explained himself. “I did not mean to sound misogynistic. I merely stated that women often find comfort in having family around them.”

“I do have family here.”

“Touché.” Then he couldn’t have said what prompted him to ask, “What of your boyfriend? I’m sure he’s not pleased at your abrupt departure.”

She paused and stared at him in the mirror. “Is this your not-so-subtle way of asking if I’m single?”

“Was I being subtle? Let me rephrase then. Do you have a lover?” He’d challenge him to a duel if she did and—

Hold on a second. He wasn’t challenging anyone, especially not the human boyfriend of a hairdresser he’d just met.

Just met, and yet wanted.

The realization made him frown. Time to hit the dating circuit again if a plump and mouthy human girl was capable of making him irrational. It didn’t help that his lion urged him to rub against her and mark her with their scent—to keep other males away.

Not happening. Marking any kind of female was bound to create complications. Arik wasn’t about to settle down or commit himself. He was in his prime. Playing the field.

Flirting with a hairdresser who set his hairs on end—and brought his erotic senses alive.

The things I could do to her. Nibbles on her creamy skin… Nips at that luscious lower lip, which pulled taut as she frowned at him and said, “First off, I don’t think my love life is any of your business.” Snip. “Second. Even if I were single, I wouldn’t date you.” Snip. Snip.

“Why not?” He could have blinked in astonishment when the query emerged from his mouth. However, a curious kitty needed to know. Women just didn’t say no. It wasn’t arrogant of him to claim it, not when it was fact.

Rejection was not something he encountered. Until now.

“Are you seriously having to ask why I won’t date you?” She sounded so incredulous. “Would you like me to recite the list alphabetically?”

Actually, he did. “Let’s hear it.”

Not even a pause. “Asshat. Braggart. Cocky tied with chauvinist. Dumbass. Egotistical. Do I really need to go on?”

A chuckle rumbled forth from him—again. What was it about this woman that delighted him? She kept arguing and defying him at every turn, and yet he couldn’t help but find her amusing. She utterly intrigued him, especially as he tried to guess what she’d say next. How refreshing to come across a female that wasn’t related to him, or impressed by him, who dared to treat him as a man.

One she considered beneath her standards.

“I think your list needs tweaking.” He launched a defense of his character.

“Oh really? And just how do you see yourself? I’m sure this will be good.”

“Let me see. Attractive, bold, courageous, daring, elegant, ferocious, especially as a lover,” he admitted with a wink. “Gallant.”

With a derisive snort, she interrupted. “Ha. I highly doubt that.”

“And yet you don’t really know me. My lady friends would tell you that I am a gentleman.” When it came to opening doors and picking up the check. Other than that, there was nothing gentle about him. Just ask those who crossed him.

Kings didn’t let anyone question their authority.

“I wouldn’t know, though, about this supposed gallantry, because I’m not your lady friend.”

“You could be.” He gave her another chance. She truly did draw him in with the roundness of her figure, hugged by faded denim and topped with a baggy sweatshirt that drooped enticingly off a shoulder, baring a black strap.

Lace or cotton? A feline mind wanted to know.

But apparently he wouldn’t know today, as she, yet again, managed to resist him.

“Date you? Not likely.”

Again words emerged from him without volition. “Why not?”

“Oh please. I’ve seen enough to know you’re not my type.”

Such a liar. Apparently he wasn’t the only one aroused by their repartee. The musky scent of her arousal tickled his senses. It made him bolder. “I guarantee when I’m between your thighs and you’re clawing my back, you’ll be screaming a different tune.”

So he might have come on a tad strong with that last statement. That was still no excuse for what happened next.

“Pig.” However it wasn’t the animal insult that was her most grievous crime. It was the gigantic hunk of hair she snipped off!

An irreplaceable, thick chunk of his hair permanently removed. Accidental or intentional, it didn’t matter.

Ack! My mane. My beautiful, precious mane.

He couldn’t help a low rumbling growl. His eyes glinted in the mirror, the gold catching the light and reflecting it, along with his fury.

“You. Did. Not. Just. Do. That.” And yes, he might have growled the last bit.

“Oops? Did I do that? Sorry.” Said with no repentance at all. With a smirk and a blown kiss, she let her crime rain down over him in a golden, threaded shower.

And then, she ran.

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Author Bio

~ New York Times and USA Today Bestseller


Hello, my name is Eve and I am a Canadian author who loves to write hot romance, usually with shifters, cyborgs or aliens lol.


Be warned, I do have a twisted imagination and a sarcastic sense of humor something I like to let loose in my writing. I like strong alpha males, naked chests and shifters. Lots of shifters. In fact, you’ll notice most of my multi partner stories revolve around great, big, overprotective shifters who just want to please their woman. I am also extremely partial to aliens, you know the kind who like to abduct humans and then drive them insane…with pleasure of course.


I love to write, and while I don’t always know what my mind is going to come up with next, I can promise it will be fun, probably humorous and most of all romantic, because I love a happily ever after.


Thanks so much for coming by and checking me out. If you’d like to know more, read some excerpts or find out what’s coming next, then please visit me at http://www.EveLanglais.com Or sign up for my new release email list at http://www.evelanglais.com/newrelease


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Wolf Trouble - Paige Tyler

Review: Shadow on the Moon by Connie Flynn

Review: Shadow on the Moon by Connie Flynn
Shadow On the Moon
Author: Connie Flynn
Series: The Werewolf #1
Publisher: Indie
Published on: December 26, 2013
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Werewolves
Format: 285 pages, eBook
Provided by: Purchased
Amazon | Kobo | B&N | Book Depo | GoodReads

Some Say She Likes Wolves More Than She Likes People.
People are being slaughtered high in the Arizona mountains and authorities form a wolf hunt to go after the small wolf pack that was recently introduced by Dana Gibb. She's the Southwest's foremost expert in wolf behavior and races into a threatening snowstorm to stop the hunt. The blame is misplaced – wolves don't rip into their prey and scatter the parts everywhere. But something is killing people and she's not quite sure it's from the natural world.

He Prowls Like a Wolf But Looks Oh So Very Human
Dana's car spins on an icy patch, crashes into a snowbank and she wakes up in a warm cabin. The snowstorm rages outside and a bear of a mans towers over her and says she's okay now. Morgan Wilder treats her concussion with kindness and skill, but doesn't understand that her wolves need her. Insisting that she remain until the storm has passed, he also forbids her to go outside at dark. Soon she begins to wonder if he knows exactly what killed those campers. And if she's his house guest . . . or his prisoner. Something is killing people, for sure, and as she gets closer to finding out what she fears the knowledge may have a high price — her life.

Paranormal Romance Hot Mess


I decided to work on my tbr pile this time around, and I came up with a book that I have had on my Kindle for almost two years. About time I read it, right? I thought so, but it ended up being not exactly the best read for me. I completely hate writing a bad review, but sometimes there’s nothing you can do about that if you want to be honest.

Dana, a wildlife(wolf) expert, comes to the mountains of Arizona in order to stop the state patrol from killing wolves that are supposedly killing humans-horrifically. Wolves are not part of the wildlife of this part of Arizona, but if a pack is there that no one knows about, then Dana wants to make sure no one hurts them. When her request to come along on the hunt is denied by the captain of the state patrol-and also a villain in the book-she goes out on her own and promptly gets wrecked in the snow in the middle of a blizzard. She wakes up in a cabin on a mountain, miles from her car. Her rescuer is Morgan, former psychiatrist, and now a werewolf recluse. She just happens to show up a few days before a deadline that calls for a woman to save him from being a werewolf, first by loving him, and then by being willing to do a super scary ceremony that could end in death for both of them.

The premise of a werewolf who was made one by a woman who expected him to be her mate-and not with his consent, intrigued me. So it did have a good premise. Then the author added in a convoluted mess of world building that had me shaking my head most of the time. It had to do with astrology, a ceremony that can only take place one particular night-once every seven years, a special dress, two bearskin cloaks, a circle of seven dogs all named after mythological gods..I could go on and on. Add in a really fake language that Dana manages to memorize and speak during the four days this takes place in, and I was pretty done. The characters fall in love, only that’s not really shown. He leaves her alone every night during the blizzard, and she spends most of her time going outside at night when he tells her not to. And of course she finds trouble at every turn. When a sexy first time happens, she has sex with Morgan while he is in werewolf(not wolf)form-just eww. I did finish the book, but I was more than ready to be finished.

I could tear it apart and complain about everything, but I think me just telling you what I have already is critique enough. Suffice it to say, it just was a pretty out there read, and that’s saying a lot when you are reading a paranormal book. I know authors work hard on their books, and this one might be a good read for some, but this one just didn’t work for me.

FYI This book was originally published traditionally.

The Werewolf Series


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