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Question: Why Do You Read?


I read for a variety of reasons, but the main one is probably to escape. The daily grind has a way of weighing down even the most happy-go-lucky among us with work commitments, family life, and a seemingly never ending to-do list. Sometimes it’s nice to forget that I have bills to pay, let the dishes sit in the sink over the weekend, ignore the most recent in-law drama, and just lose myself in a fictional world. You can’t turn on your TV/radio or step outside without being bombarded by the latest human tragedy, however when your nose is buried in a novel, it all fades into the background. You won’t find any biographies, textbooks, or history volumes on my nightstand because I have no interest is feeding my brain other than maybe expanding my vocabulary, and that’s simply an added bonus.

Entertainment is another reason why reading ranks as high at it does on my priorities list. I love seeing what shenanigans my favourite characters are up to, crushing on some grade-A werewolf man-candy, and getting dirty looks from peeps when I laugh out loud or start crying after an especially poignant scene. Getting to live vicariously through someone else’s eyes is a nice perk as well because I get to travel to all kinds of exotic locations and experience a wide range of activities without ever having to leave the comfort of my living room. Now, that doesn’t mean that I don’t have my own real life bucket list, but money and time are always tight, so reading is a workaround until I win the lottery. LOL

My mother was a reader, so this hobby was instilled upon me at a very early age; she passed away from breast cancer five years ago, and this is only a side benefit, but my fiction addiction also makes me feel closer to her. I’ll sometimes revisit old stories, and reminisce about a convo we shared about a certain author because those are the good memories that are worth cherishing. And finally, I know this might sound strange, but I also read to get some alone time whether it be to escape my coworkers in the middle of a busy cafeteria or my husband while we’re sitting side-by-side on the couch. Books allow me to fly solo without having to hike to a secluded spot in the woods—the one way I can be alone without actually BEING alone.


Why Do YOU Read?

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