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Question: Have You Read An Entire Book Only To Think "Why Did I Read The Whole Book?"


I am incapable of DNF’ing (Did Not Finish) a book; I can count on one hand the number of times that I’ve completely given up on a title, and I don’t even need to use all five digits. LOL What can I say, my mother didn’t raise no quitter! This rule applies to all aspects of my life though, call it a personality quirk. I have however thought: “I shouldn’t start this novel because I KNOW it’s going to suck, and I am going to regret it.” This doesn’t happen to me often because I am well aware of my OCD tendencies, and as a result, research the bejesus out of possible TBR candidates, but every so often I’ll be swayed by a publicist’s suave pitch, a pretty cover, or will give a dying series one last chance *cough* RED BLOODED by Amanda Carlson, *cough* the last FOUR installments in Keri Arthur’s DARK ANGELS series, and I’ll be reading DARKNESS FALLS when it comes out in December because it’s the last novel aaaand—you guessed it, I need to know how the story ends. Stacy I blame you for this!

Blogging certainty hasn’t helped matters any either; I take my commitment to giving my honest opinion of all titles received for review very seriously. It’s that whole half-done thing again, as soon as I say yes, I’ve already reached the point of no return. I won’t even skim! Instead, I will force myself to read every painful word on each annoying page until the deed is done. Yes, I know I have a problem. Maybe I’m just an eternal optimist, and I can’t call it quits in the vain hope that the story might improve, or perhaps it’s that the ending gives me closure no matter how unsatisfying it may be. I’m a sucker for punishment, I really am.


Have You Read An Entire Book Only To Think “Why Did I Read The Whole Book?”

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