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Question: Your Most Anticipated Books For The Remainder of 2014


It’s hard to believe that there are only two months left before we ring in a brand new year, however that fact made this week’s question a piece of cake because my options were fairly limited which is a good thing because we all know how us book bloggers can go on-and-on about upcoming titles without strict guidelines. Hehe!

The first novel that jumped out at me was Sierra Dean’s A SECRET TO DIE FOR, now granted I read this one back in August because I could not WAIT to inhale the finale of her SECRET MCQUEEN series, but it still counts because it officially hits shelves on December 16th. Next in line would have to be Jennifer Estep’s November 25th release, BLACK WIDOW, followed closely by THE STAG LORD by Darby Kaye (Karchut) who happens to be one of the very first authors I really connected with when I started blogging. This book will be her Urban Fantasy debut, and I have high hopes that it’ll be just as good as her Young Adult. December 2nd—mark your calendars!

December 16 November 25 December 2


Honorable mention also goes to Kristen Painter’s CITY OF ETERNAL NIGHT, DARKNESS FALLS by Keri Arthur, and Keri Lake’s SOUL ENSLAVED. Looking at those dates, I’m thinking that maybe I should call in sick on December 2nd. ;) Now, that wasn’t so bad, was it? Only 6.

Soul Enslaved
December 2 December 2 December ??


What are your most anticipated books for the remainder of 2014?

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