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Review: Gifted by Kelley Armstrong

Gifted - Kelley Armstrong



It was fun getting a glimpse of young Gabriel, although I can't say that he's much different 20 years later. He had to grow thick skin at a very young age, but I liked how he can turn any situation to his advantage—an excellent lawyer in the making! Bullies beat him up, so he steals their money, he hides an obvious stash of cash to keep his junkie mother from finding his real savings... I'm pretty sure I know who helped him out with his Xmas present for Rose, but that's not revealed until VISIONS, so I'll leave it at that.


THE PUPPY PLAN - 5 stars


I've been dying to read a story from the twins' POV, so it was a real treat getting to spend some time inside Logan's head. This short is overflowing with cuteness, and I loved how being a parent hasn't changed Clay in the least, he tries to be responsible, but even his own kids aren't fooled. Armstrong still managed to weave a mutt problem into this tale while also delivering a magical Christmas moment. The bond between Kate & Logan was awesome; I can't wait to delve into it further in FORSAKEN this January!