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Question: What Is The Big Deal With The Fifty Shades of Gray Movie?


I have read AND enjoyed the FIFTY SHADES trilogy just to see what all of the buzz was about. Normally Erotica titles never make their way onto my TBR, but in this case I made an exception, and then I went ahead and listened to Sylvia Day’s CROSSFIRE series because I was told that it was a ‘better’ version of the BDSM genre. So, oddly enough I’m actually better equipped to answer this week’s question than Julie (Yummy Men and Kick Ass Chicks), the romance junkie, which is weird enough in itself.

I’ll probably watch the movie eventually, however I won’t be rushing out to see it on release day, and will most likely end up skipping it in theaters altogether because the very idea of sitting in a room with 250 complete strangers watching mommy porn does not appeal to me in the least. Even though I liked the book, I don’t particularly see what the big deal is; my personal take on it is that older generations are attracted by the taboo-ness of the story because before E.L. James blew their minds with Anastasia & Christian’s relationship, they never realized that lady smut existed. I and the vast majority of my readers know better.

The film will undoubtedly fail to live-up to the novel because 1. they rarely do, and 2. it isn’t being touted as a skin flick which means that the director most likely cut out or toned down the scenes that made FIFTY SHADES so controversial to begin with. The movie is rated R, but it’s been categorized as a romantic drama not erotica, and sex isn’t exactly new to the big screen, so I can’t see it breaking any box office records. Peeps’ curiosity and the studio’s brilliant marketing plan might prove me wrong though. I guess we’ll find out in February 2015!


What Is The Big Deal With The Fifty Shades of Gray Movie? Will You Watch It?

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