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Review: Haunting You by Viola Estrella

Review: Haunting You by Viola Estrella
Haunting You
Series: Bewitching Women #2
Author: Viola Estrella
Publisher: Indie
Published on: October 22, 2014
Genre: Fantasy Romance
Format: 282 pages, eBook
Provided by: Author
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Strike a bargain with a ghost? Never again. Fall in love with the ghost's brother? Well, maybe...

Rachel Spencer's life has been hijacked by the supernatural. Ghosts seeking help with their unfinished earthly business won't leave her alone. Her only hope for returning to normalcy and passing her next attempt at the bar exam is making a deal with one of the ghostly intruders. It should be simple--Ella keeps the other spirits away if Rachel agrees to help Ella's two teenage sons. No problem. Well, not until she meets the boys' guardian.

August Kline misses his old life. He never planned to raise two teenage hurricanes in an old house in small-town Indiana. But here he is, and he's determined to make the best of it...if he could only keep the house in order and not completely screw up his nephews.

Enter a gorgeous redhead who pops into August's world when life is at its grimmest. Rachel claims to be an old friend of Ella's and offers to help around the house. Sparks fly whenever they're together, and August is falling fast. Rachel keeps her distance, worrying her ghostly secrets will sabotage any chance of a relationship. But when danger appe

I am all for a creepy ghost story-the creepier the better sometimes. At other times, I really like a good lighthearted ghost story, and that’s what you get with Haunting You. I say lighthearted, but this one also has a pretty bad villain to add a murderous element to the story.

Rachel can see ghosts. And it scares the stuffing out of her. It all started when a man from her past(in the previous book)dies and makes himself known to her. This opens the door to being bombarded by spirits of all types, and they all want Rachel to help them. All Rachel wants to do is pass the bar exam, something she can’t do with all the ghosts bothering her. When Ella shows up, and is the first really coherent ghost Rachel has encountered, she listens, and then she tries to help. Ella’s son’s are being cared for by her brother, and Ella wants things to go a lot smoother then they are in her old home. So Rachel goes and pretends that she used to know Ella, and wants to pay her back for mentoring her, by helping to clean the house, and re-do Ella’s garden. August is pretty overwhelmed with two teenage nephews, a big house to care for, and a medical practice. He takes one look at Rachel, and can’t say no. Did I mention this was a really good romance? What neither one of them knows is that the house is being haunted by a completely different ghost.

Rachel was an interesting character. She grew up rich, and has the mother from hell. She has been trying her whole life to live up to her parents expectations-something no one can ever do. She has chosen to live in a small apartment, and distance herself from her parents as much as she can. August has always wanted to be a musician, but became a physician instead. He had stopped practicing, and spent a year as a professional musician. When Ella dies, he has to step up, so he moves to Ella’s small town to raise the boys, and goes back to practicing medicine. The women of the small town are practically lining up to go out with him. When Rachel shows up from out of town, August is smitten.

This may seem like I have told a lot of the plot, but not really. Most of this is just background. The real story, besides the romance, is the story of the other ghost, the teenage boy’s story- one in particular, a really nefarious villain, a horrible neighbor, and all the busybodies of this small town. And I can’t forget Ella, and all her machinations to get what she wants.

I hadn’t read the first book, but I think this one could stand alone. The author tells just enough to explain a bit from that book, so it was not a big thing, that I hadn’t read it. I wasn’t lost like I usually am when I don’t read a book in order. I really enjoyed the premise of a ghost seeking help for her family she left behind, and of course the romance that ensues. The other ghost, and mystery just add to the story.

This was a really fast read, well written, a good romance, fun ghost story, and I enjoyed it a lot. I would recommend it to all lovers of a good, and fun ghost story/romance, and I do consider it an adult read.

I would like to add that the author is a 2010 Rita Award finalist for Angel Vindicated.

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