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Question: How Do You Track Your Challenges?


As we are now all doing our challenge wrap-up posts and looking to which challenges we are going to participate in next year, I was wondering, how do you track your challenges? Do you create a shelf on Goodreads, Booklikes, Shelfari and the like? Do you create a page with all the listings? For challenges with Link Ups, how often do you go back and post the books you’ve read? How do you keep track of which books you’ve linked up and which ones still need done. Are you good about updating these on a regular bases or are you crunching to get it done before the wrap-up posts are due?

This is my first year doing challenges. I started off updating my posts every time I finished a book. By June, I wasn’t updating even monthly. I have some that haven’t been updated at all since then. I’ve also been really bad about the Link Ups. I love the idea. Great way to find more books in your genre and even more bloggers who like your genre.

This year I joined five challenges:


Book Blog Walkers Vampire Challenge 2014 Shifter Challenge 2014
2014 Erotic Romance Challenge 2014 Audiobook Challenge


All of these challenges are for areas I was interested in reading anyway. Some of these offered prizes, others was just for fun. I wasn’t concerned about the prizes, though I will never turn down free books/audiobooks, it was more about sharing my love of books. As for the Book Blog Walkers, I did that so that I would exercise more. I was already exercising, but the group helps a lot with the motivation. I saw some other challenges that I wanted to join, but was hesitant to add any more challenges.

As I look to new Challenges for 2015, I debating about how many I want to join. The amount of extra work involved will affect the number of challenges that I join. I’m also thinking about a Challenge that will encourage me to expand my reading. This Ultimate Reading Challenge by PopSugar looks really interesting. Books that fall into different categories.

Any great challenges that you are planning on joining or hosting? How do you track all of them? Do you have a max number of challenges that you will allow yourself each year?

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