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Question: Which Three Books Would You Ask Santa For?


I’m sick, my in-laws are visiting this weekend, and I have to spend yet another Saturday writing exams for a job that I am applying for (at least this time it’s only 3 hours instead of 7!), so I’m keeping it simple today.

My first pick is a no-brainer because it’s by my favourite author, and I just love the limited editions that Subterranean Press publishes of her novellas. The full-colour illustrations by Xaviere Daumarie are incredible, and I like that they are numbed & signed. Unfortunately that also means that they are rather expensive, and splurging on Kelley Armstrong’s FORSAKEN isn’t in the cards right now, however if Santa wants to leave a copy under my tree that’d be a-ok with me. Granted, I am cheating a bit because it doesn’t hit shelves until January 31st, but the big guy is magic, so I’m sure he can manage.

#2 is WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEART’S BLOOD by Dianna Gabaldon. I purchased the audiobook back in June, and Davina Porter’s narration helped me keep my sanity during the final weeks of wedding prep. I already own all of the previous installments, and would like to give this one a home on my shelves as well. My final pick is SHATTERED by Kevin Hearne because again, I need it to top off my collection. I borrowed a copy from a friend when it was originally released, although I might hold-off until it’s available in paperback to stay consistent.


Which Three Books Would You Ask Santa For?

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