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Question: What Was Your First Read / Listen of 2015?


My first read of the year was FORSAKEN BY THE OTHERS by Jess Haines which unfortunately turned out to be only a 3-star book; not exactly the best start to 2015. Ah well, all of the previous installments have been really good, so it was bound to happen, and now I’m only one novel away from being caught-up on this series. I’ve been tackling one a month since September, my review posts of January 12th. Now comes the difficult part… deciding what I should replace H&W INVESTIGATIONS with once March rolls around!

My first audiobook was FOOL MOON by Jim Butcher. I purchased the first two installments in October during one of Audible’s sales; it’s a series that I’ve been wanting to get off my TBR pile for a while now, so I’ve decided to listen to them ‘just for me’ thus I won’t be reviewing them on the blog. The narrator is James Marsters a.k.a Spike from Buffy, and although THE DRESDEN FILES haven’t caused me to go banana’s yet, I am really enjoying Harry’s POV, and have been told that this series really takes off around book 4.


What Was Your First Read / Listen of 2015?

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