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Question: How Are Your Bookshelves Organized?


What originally started out as a straightforward add five new precious’ to my shelves this past weekend turned into a lengthy bookcase overhaul because of course, any open spot simply wouldn’t do. #1 came in search of me hours later wondering where the heck I’d disappeared to, and after my failed attempt at explaining to him why I’d been at it for an entire afternoon, I decided that it’d make a great question seeing how surely I couldn’t be the only person this has happened to. Right? RIGHT? *pauses for reassurance*

Bookshelves come in many shapes and sizes, even if you’re primarily an eReader; I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m equally fussy when it comes to maintaining my GoodReads and Kindle accounts. But, I’ll get to that in a minute. We live in a small house, so regrettably I’ve had to limit myself to one six shelf unit. I call him Billy. I’m pretty sure that no one would be able to figure out my system without an explanation because I’m not an ABC kind of girl, although some of my long time blogger BFFs might have a decent shot at it.

Series need to stick together, as do titles by the same author; however I also have a shelf that’s JUST for werewolf books, another for signed copies, not to mention my Kelley Armstrong shrine. My favourites need to be at eye level, so that I can easily admire them whenever I walk in the room, I have a to-read ARC section, and a donate box in the closet. My virtual system is similar, with the addition of audiobooks, my wishlist, novellas, and my various review queues.

I never realized how wacky this sounded until I typed it all up. The Dewey Decimal Classification’s got nothing on me! I’m anxious to read your comments, so that I can confirm whether this is normal, or if I belong in a padded room. LOL!


How Are Your Bookshelves Organized?

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