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Audiobook Review: Clean Sweep by Ilona Andrews

Clean Sweep -  Ilona Andrews

This wasn't your typical Ilona Andrews audiobook in that the magic system existed on a much smaller scale with it being confined to inns, but that's not to say that the world-building was by any means limited. In fact, if anything, it was larger than any of this author duo's other titles because the INNKEEPER CHRONICLES was closer to being Science Fiction than it was Urban Fantasy given that the characters originate from multiple planets. The wheel wasn't reinvented with regards to the typical paranormal beasties such as vampires & werewolves, although they did have several distinguishing traits that set them apart from other novels in this genre. Much to my dismay, a love triangle seems to be developing; however if any team is capable of making it work, it's Ilona & Gordon. The humor and writing were aces, no surprises there, and Renée Raudman's narration gave the story that extra somethin'-somethin' that keeps me choosing audio over eBook every time this trio releases something new.