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Review: Forsaken by Kelley Armstrong

Forsaken (The Otherworld Series) - Kelley Armstrong

We haven't gotten to see much of Alpha Elena, so it was great witnessing her knee deep in her newish role dealing with Pack politics, and the challenges that come with being not only the sole female werewolf, but also one in a leadership position. Kate frustrated me at times with her rebellious attitude, and independent streak; I had to keep reminding myself that she's only eight, and that her behaviour was age appropriate, and entirely understandable given present circumstances. All of my favourite furry Otherworld characters were out in full force, including the latest additions to the North American Pack as well as the current candidates. The twists involving the twins were totally squee-worthy, and this series' Big Bad tables a proposition that will leave me on edge until the next short is announced. Highly recommended, but not to be read as a stand-alone.