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Review: Lucky Break by Chloe Neill

Lucky Break - Chloe Neill

The full length books are all about the vampires while as the shorts focus more on Neill's shifters which is the only reason why I read 'em cuz I'm not normally keen on novellas. Whenever Urban Fantasy protagonists take five, you know that something is going to go horribly awry—case in point. This was a cute story about family feuds à la supe with a romantic resolution that was over a century in the making. It didn't really contribute much to the series in terms of plot arc; however readers do get a dose of this author's mountain lions, and learn a bit about what life is like for vampires that live outside of the Houses (i.e. Clans). The Orangesplosion won't win any awards, but I never miss an opportunity to hang with Merit & Ethan, and neither should you if you're pro CHICAGOLAND VAMPIRES.