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Review: Hunt by Rachel Vincent

Hunt: A Shifters Short Story - Rachel Vincent

I was psyched to be back in the SHIFTERS universe after such a prolonged break. I didn't remember much about Abby's character, but the Faythe & Jace bits were like getting a hug from an old friend. The protagonist's emotion fueled responses to a threatening situation led to some rash decisions which left me screaming at my eReader. Yes, Rachel Vincent managed to get <i>that</i> kind of reaction out of me in only 30-ish pages! I kept expecting Wade to be like Miss Sanders; however it took Faythe five books to become the beloved heroine that she is today, so I'm more than willing to keep an open mind with regards to her potential as the lead in the first installment of this author's WILDCATS spin-off series. This short was nearly perfect, and for a novella that's saying something!