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Question: Have You Ever Played Hooky To Read?


Confession time! But first, I feel like this post should come with a disclaimer, so if there’s even the remotest possibility that your boss might see your answer if you leave a comment, and you could jeopardize your job as a result, ZIP IT. Ok, now that that’s done with I’d like to clarify that this question isn’t just aimed as those of you who are gainfully employed, school counts too, as does bailing on driving your kids to swimming / guitar / karate / etc lessons, and telling your BFF that you’re too sick to go out on a double-date with her because you already have a fictional one planned with your current book boyfriend.

My most recent example happened in March 2013 when J.R. Ward’s LOVER AT LAST was released. Wow! That’s nearly two full years ago, someone’s been behaving themselves. Hehe! To my utter dismay I had to go to work on the Tuesday because of a meeting, but playing hooky on Wednesday was a foregone conclusion because I’d waited sooooo long for Qhuinn & Blay’s happily-ever-after that one more minute might very well have been the death of me. So, I called in sick, brewed a pot of coffee, and read, and read, and read until I collapsed into fan-girl bliss. Or at least, that’s how I like to pretend that it went down when in reality the 11th BLACK DAGGER BROTHERHOOD installment wasn’t the 5 star experience that I’d anticipated.

I almost did it a second time exactly one year later when THE KING hit shelves. I woke up at 2:30 AM, waited until 3:00 AM when the novel was actually available to download on my Kindle (Amazon runs on PT—lesson learned), dove in, and promptly fell asleep a mere two hours later because, well anyone who’s read it knows why. LOL! I clocked in at my usual time that morning, and finished the book a week later.

Have You Ever Played Hooky To Read?

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