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Audiobook Review: Summer Knight by Jim Butcher

Summer Knight - Jim Butcher

This was an enlightening installment in that we got to learn more about the major powerhouses that make up this universe: the fae, the White Council of wizards, and the vampires. I enjoyed the previous book slightly more than this one because it was high on humour, and even though SUMMER KNIGHT did have its moments, it was primarily plot driven. Additional info about Harry's past comes to light including what went wrong with his first love, Elaine, and his humble beginnings as an apprentice. Learning the ins and the outs of the various courts' politics was interesting, and I'm beginning to look forward to the secondary characters' antics almost as much as Dresden's. James Marsters really brings this series to the next level with his over-the-top creature voices, and by nailing Harry's blasé attitude. NEXT!