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Review: Bear Attraction by Jennifer Ashley

Bear Attraction - Jennifer Ashley

I've only read WILD WOLF & MATE BOND, two werewolf-centric books, but Jennifer Ashley's writing is undeniably addictive, and female bear protagonists are uncommon in Paranormal Romance, so this novella was an easy yes. The addition of a Shifter Bureau added another level to this series' world-building, although this organization might have made its presence known already for readers who took a more linear path to SHIFTERS UNBOUND than I. Rebecca & Walker were great characters, and the pacing of their romance was perfect for a short story. When I think 'bears' big and burly immediately comes to mind, and Ashley's most certainly can hold their own when need be; however this author also painted them in a quirky, close-knit light which was both unexpected, and charming. The plot took a few unforeseen turns that I wouldn't mind seeing further explored in future full length installments, and Walker in a cat shifter groupie get-up was hilarious! BEAR ATTRACTION is worth every penny!