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Review: Haunted by Amanda Bonilla

Haunted - Amanda Bonilla

As much as I love Amanda Bonilla's SENTRY OF EVIL & SHAEDE ASSASSIN series, I have a serious beef with ghost romances. I grabbed this as a freebie, and it was a short read, so no real skin off my back there. Anyway, I went into the story with an Urban Fantasy frame of mind which was my bad because I rarely bother with blurbs, and this one clearly had a strong love undertone to it. The novella wasn't long enough to be able to really get a feel for any of the characters other than Jacquelyn, and that was more from my experience with VENGEANCE BORNE, the first full length installment. I found the tale rather corny, and the plot didn't have much of a kick to it. HAUNTED didn't add anything to the series, but it might appeal to readers looking for a quick, cutesy way to pass the time just so long as you don't have anything against spook / living HEAs.