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Question: What Do You Do With Your 'Read' Books?


It’s inevitable. Anyone who’s been a reader for any amount of time accumulates books, and this is doubly true if you’re a blogger. My shelves aren’t as overcrowded as they once were since e-galleys have become the norm, but physical advanced review copies (ARCs) are still common, not to mention the titles that I purchase for myself, and those that I win from giveaways. Unless a novel is a personal favourite of mine, I rarely re-visit it twice, so eventually I run out of room, and must clean house.

All of my books score a coveted spot in my bookshelf for a little while, but most of them don’t stay there for long unless they are signed, part of my ‘keepers’, or too pretty to justify getting the boot. I keep a box in my closet of novels that don’t fit into any of the three aforementioned categories, and whenever a fellow reader drops by, I let them pick through my stash. My mother and sister-in-law reap the rewards of my addiction the most, however it’s first-come first-served, and if I’ve been especially lazy sometimes there are several boxes to dig through, including a few in the shed. LOL

What doesn’t get snatched-up by family, and friends either finds a home with blog followers via a contest (I wish I could do this more, but shipping in Canada is expensive!), or gets donated to my local library. They don’t necessarily keep all of the titles for their collection; however they do host several sales throughout the year, so I know that my babies are going towards a good cause. I’ll occasionally sell some to a used book store, or trade—which doesn’t exactly solve my excess problem, but what can ya do? I don’t do this as often as I used to because 1. I rarely leave empty-handed which is NOT helpful, and 2. brick and mortar shops are disappearing.

I might get some hate mail for this last one, however every now and then NO ONE wants my gently loved paperbacks, so I’m forced to chuck them into the recycling. This might sound like a horrible death for a book, although really when you think about it, the materials get re-used to print more titles! I worked at Chapters Indigo when I was in college, and they used to send only the covers back to the publishers to get refunds on unsold merchandise, the rest went into blue bins.

What Do You Do With Your ‘Read’ Books?

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