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Question: Which Authors Would You Invite to Your Birthday Party?


Happy Birthday to MEEEE! *throws confetti* I don’t have much planned celebration-wise other than a nice dinner with #1, and possibly some retail therapy, but that’s more due to the fact that I’m starting a new job at the end of this month, and I don’t think my yoga pants qualify as business casual. So, in lieu of a real party I decided that it would be fun to come up with a guest list for a fictional shindig.

I’d love it if Jeaniene Frost could attend because although she looks SUPER prim & proper in her bio pic, as a long time reader of her books, I have a good idea of what really goes on in that wicked mind of hers. Plus, she was on a bunch of panels I caught at RT13, and was an absolute hoot! Sierra Dean would be a must as well considering I’d need at least one Canadian there who could keep up with me on the beer drinking front, so that I wouldn’t feel like a complete lush, and I’m confident that this Winnipeg native will be able to hold her own.

Amanda Bonilla‘s presence would be mandatory because I’ve been dying to meet her ever since I first discovered her SHAEDE ASSASSIN series back in 2011, and as a fellow resident of the middle-of-nowhere, I’m positive that we’d hit it off right away. I don’t want this to be a total chick fest, so I’d be sure to invite a couple of my favourite male authors including: Kevin Hearne, Jim Butcher, and Elliott James. And, no party would be complete without Gordon & Ilona Andrews‘ crazy antics. They got Jen from Red Hot Books drunk; thus I already have confirmation that they know how to have a good time.

Molly Harper is an absolute riot, therefore she’d definitely make the cut, as would Jennifer Estep, Jess Haines, and Diana Rowland. I need a few more Canadians… fingers crossed that Linda Poitevin, Kelley Armstrong, and Amber Lynn Natusch are free. And, with this many fabulous women in attendance, I’m sure that I could convince a couple of male cover models to crash. ;) I know that I probably missed a bunch of names, but I have cake to eat, so duty calls!



Who Would You Invite to Your Birthday Party?

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