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Question: What eReader Features Do You Use The Most?


I alternate between two eReaders: my Kobo Aura HD, and my Kindle Fire HD 8.9. The majority of my book consumption is done on the former because of its smaller size, extremely long battery life, and crisp E Ink screen. But, other than the cool stats that track how much of my virtual library I’ve completed, total eBooks finished, hours spent reading, average minutes per session & pages per minute, I don’t do much else with it except read. When I want doodads, I switch to my Fire.

My favourite feature would probably be the social sharing. As a blogger, one of the first things I want to do when I find a cool quote is highlight and tweet it, and the Kindle does this like a boss. It has Facebook compatibility too, but you can only post to your personal account, not your page which doesn’t work for me. I also really like the Text-to-Speech option because it’s well-known that I am an audiobook addict, so this component allows me to go hands-free when I’m mobile. The robotic voice won’t be replacing my top narrators any time soon, but it’s a good alternative for when A) there’s no audio version of a novel available, or B) there is, however it’s too pricey, and the eBook is on sale. You can usually upgrade to Whispersync at a later date for cheap as well. The only downside is that it doesn’t work on ARCs unless you pull out your trusty iPhone, activate the VoiceOver accessibility feature, and let Siri take the lead.

My #3 would be the apps. There are tons available should you need to open a different eBook format than MOBI or PRC, and you can easily borrow titles from your local library via OverDrive, so I make full use of the store. Apparently I can do this on my Kobo as well, but after a crash filled weekend, I gave up on it. Unfortunately, Canada is still lagging behind on the Amazon front; we just got unlimited this past February, therefore I’m sure that many of you are more well-versed on all things Kindle than I am, and can teach me a thing or two. Now’s your chance!


Kindle Fire HD 8.9 vs Kobo Aura HD.

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What eReader Features Do You Use The Most?

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