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Review: The Highland Dragon's Lady by Isabel Cooper

Review: The Highland Dragon’s Lady by Isabel Cooper
The Highland Dragon's Lady
Author: Isabel Cooper
Series: Highland Dragons #2
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Published on: December 2, 2014
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Format: 383 pages, eBook
Provided by: Purchased
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Regina Talbot-Jones has always known her rambling family home was haunted. She also knows her brother has invited one of his friends to attend an ill-conceived séance. She didn't count on that friend being so handsome...and she certainly didn't expect him to be a dragon.

Scottish Highlander Colin MacAlasdair has hidden his true nature for his entire life, but the moment he sets eyes on Regina, he knows he has to have her. In his hundreds of years, he's never met a woman who could understand him so thoroughly...or touch him so deeply. Bound by their mutual loneliness, drawn by the fire awakening inside of them, Colin and Regina must work together to defeat a vengeful spirit-and discover whether their growing love is powerful enough to defy convention.

Paranormal Romance Historical


After reading and really enjoying Legend of the Highland Dragon, I was excited to read this one, the second in the series. I was a bit disappointed in the book, but still thought it was a pretty solid read.

Colin, brother to Stephen, was introduced in book one, and I was happy to see him get a book of his own. As he is not the heir to the title as Stephen is, his life has been a bit more unconventional then Stephen’s. Of course he is a dragon shifter, so that is unconventional in and of itself, but he has taken it a step further and has researched magic, and had a bit of of his own.
Because of this, a friend, Edmond, has invited him down to his parents home in the countryside of England. Seems the house is haunted by the previous homeowner’s family member, and his parents are understandably not happy with the situation. Edmond’s sister, Reggie has come down from London, as well. It’s kind of a Gothic house party with a twist. Everyone that has been invited, are there because of the haunting and if it seems to be just a fun weekend in the country well that’s because at times, that’s just what it is-with a focus on the supernatural.

The reader meets Reggie when she arrives by way of climbing a tree up to Colin’s bedroom’s balcony. She thinks she is in her brother’s room, and of course Colin is happily surprised by the visit. Reggie is spunky to the max, very attractive, and takes her mistake in stride. I loved her as a character-she was independent for this time period(1895) and thoroughly modern for the period as well. She’s twenty seven, lives by herself in London, and has been ruined in the eyes of society, and so has never married. Her second sight has a lot to do with the ruination. For his part, Colin is a hundred thirty something years old, with expectations of at least 400 years of life, he’s never married, is extremely handsome and is also very lonely. Colin and Reggie begin a fast friendship and proceed to become lovers-unbeknownst to the others at the house party.

For me the book dragged throughout most of the first part, and didn’t pick up again until about fifty percent into the read. Things were happening with the haunting of course, but I just got bored after awhile. Once things started coming to a head though, I did enjoy the read. I just think there should have been more-more romance, more of the haunting, and absolutely more of the dragon!

I would recommend this to adult paranormal romance readers, ones that don’t mind a slower pace in a book. I am looking forward to reading the brother’s sister Judith’s story, Night of the Highland Dragon, releasing soon.

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