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Question: Do You Judge Authors By Their Online Identities?


I fondly remember the first time an author commented on one of my reviews, followed me on Twitter, shared my post on Facebook, re-tweeted me, replied to a status update of mine on GoodReads, asked for an interview, submitted a review request, etc. And, I still experience a minor rush to this day even though it’s now five years later. That being said, social media isn’t all rainbows & unicorns, and as I’ve progressed from my humble beginnings, I’ve also become more aware of online faux pas. Whereas before I used to proclaim ignorance—oh, I’m a total noob, maybe it’s status quo that authors don’t respond to my reader inquiries—while as now… I judge.

Don’t misunderstand me, I’m well aware that they are busy people with real lives, 9-5 jobs outside of writing, and that it’s a competitive market, but sometimes I wonder why some of them even have an online presence. I’ve lost count of how many authors I’ve witnessed getting pissed off at fans in a Facebook thread on their walls because someone DARED to ask about their series reading order, or when the next installment was coming out. I mean, C’MON! Aren’t you in the business of selling books? Why wouldn’t you point a potential reader in the right direction to facilitate them to buy your titles?

More recently, I had an author block me on Twitter because I tagged her in a 3 star review for one of her novels. First of all, on a rating scale of 1-5, 3 is AVERAGE, and secondly bad form! I get it, receiving negative feedback blows, especially when it’s about your precious baby, but as long as the post was constructive, didn’t attack the writer personally, and listed off likes/dislikes, how does that merit getting blacklisted? Unfavourable reviews sell books too! We don’t have to be BFFs, a quick “Thanks for reviewing!” would suffice. Instead, you’ve just lost a reader for life, ooh—and I’m going to tell ALL of my friends about my crappy experience too.

Occasionally I’ll binge read an author because I want to get caught up on their series in time for the next release, so I’ll make a point of crossing one title off my TBR pile each month. I treat all of my reviews equally, so even though these are older novels, I’m still going to tag the writer on Twitter. Ok, so twelve months go by, I’ve purchased all of the installments, and I haven’t heard a peep from the author. Not even a measly RT of one of the x-number of 5 star posts I’ve shared. I’m sorry, but I am no longer interested in your upcoming publication.

Have I been at this too long? Grown jaded? Am I a bitch? Or, can you relate?

Do You Judge Authors By Their Online Identities?

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