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Review: Revive by Tracey Martin

Review: Revive by Tracey Martin
Author: Tracey Martin
Series: RedZone #1
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Published on: May 19, 2015
Genre: Science Fiction, Young Adult
Format: 275 pages, eBook
Provided by: Purchased
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What the mind forgets, the heart remembers.

RedZone, Book 1

Alone in a train station bathroom, Sophia Hernandez has no memory of who she is or how she got there. All she's certain of are three things: her college ID is a lie, bad people are coming for her, and no one can be trusted.

The only clue to her past is the fellow student who finds her. Although Sophia's gut tells her Kyle is lying when he claims he can't help her, his touch makes her heart race. Is it because of a red-hot natural attraction, or a missing memory of something far more dangerous?

As two mysterious, menacing men chase them from the station, Sophia's memories return in frustrating fragments. So do deadly skills she didn't know she had. In the next forty-eight hours, a loved one's life will be on the line as she sifts through a mounting tangle of secrets and lies.

Including the most heart-wrenching secret of all. Not only isn't she a normal college student, she isn't even a normal human.

Warning: Contains one girl who is more than she seems, one boy who knows more than he's telling, and enough twists to give you whiplash. Expect explosions of all kinds.

"Action, intrigue, and a determined, daring heroine: Revive is the perfect read for sci-fi, thriller, and romance fans alike." -Clara Kensie, author of Run To You

Sci Fi Kickass Young Adult Mystery


As soon as I read about this book, I bought it and immersed myself in this futuristic world-although the year is never told. I am not usually a fan of books like this, but I thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing.

Sophia wakes up in a bathroom in a Boston train station, not knowing who she is or why she is there. To make matters even more interesting, she is aware that the college student ID with her picture on it that she is carrying, has the wrong name. Her other realization is that the “bad people” were coming. No other memories than that.

What follows in this book is a fast paced almost thriller type of a story, relieved only by the main characters memories coming back to her in fits and starts. The reader goes back and forth in time with Sophia, and gets a picture of what her life was like in college. We are just as clueless as Sophia is, as we go along for the ride with her and find out what is happening at the same time that she does. It’s told in the first person which was perfect for this type of story.

Due to spoilers, and since it is quite the mystery, I can’t really say that much about the actual story without ruining the read for people. I will say that there are some really good characters. Sophia is brilliant, strong, and just wants to do the right thing. Kyle, is Sophia’s friend from college, or maybe more? Of course he’s the hot guy with the shaggy blonde hair and sweet charm for days. There’s good guys and bad guys in this story and it’s up to Sophia to figure out which is which before she gets killed or loses her memory forever. The why to everything is also on Sophia’s agenda, and Sophia IS the bad guys main agenda.

This is the first book in this series, there is a sort of love triangle that happens, and I would consider it young adult. However, that could change as the series goes on, as these characters are people over the age of eighteen. There’s some surprises to be had, although I had figured out a lot of what was going on well before the main character. And that was okay with me-this time.

I found this book to be a good read, and I had a fun time reading it. Not that it was a comedy, because believe me, it’s not, but because of all the action, mystery, and good characters involved. I thought it was really different than the usual stories I read, although I don’t read that many futuristic/science fiction books as a rule. I definitely liked it enough to want to read the next one when it comes out. There’s not exactly(but kind of)a cliffhanger, and most readers are going to want to read the next one because there is still so much to discover. Recommended to both young adults and adults that enjoy a mystery, and plenty of action with futuristic science fiction aspects.


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