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The Sweetest Mercy (Sexy Shifter Shorts #3)

The Sweetest Mercy (Sexy Shifter Shorts #3) - Amanda Bonilla Reviewed by: Rabid Reads

The final installment in Amanda Bonilla’s Sexy Shifter Shorts trilogy was by far the hottest out of the three and also my favourite. The first two novellas featured strong female leads so, in my opinion, the most logical conclusion to this spicy series is a knight in shining armour HEA ending. Carter’s reputation as a superior tracker and his six pack abs ensure that he’s more than up to that challenge. Unlike its predecessors, The Sweetest Mercy is light on alpha action but heavy of the steam with some of the hottest sex scenes in this trilogy!

I love the alternating POVs in these novellas; it’s fun bouncing between the two main characters and seeing their reactions to each other. The mate bond between Carter and Kiera only helps to further reinforce their deep connection and physical attraction. The chemistry between them is evident from the very first page and talk about a way to start a story! Oh la la! Bonilla was kind enough to not tease her readers for the third time in a row by delivering a quickie before launching into the meat of her story.

A surprising amount of detail goes into this short; for its length, there’s a decent amount of back story and emotional depth. Amanda also works each title into its respective tale which I think is a neat little bonus. I do recommend reading this trilogy in order though, because the stories are interconnected and they really aren’t that long so it’s worth taking the extra time to start from the beginning. Plus, seeing the bad guy get what’s coming to him after a three novella long chase is beyond satisfying!

The Sweetest Mercy is a saucy romantic tale that says a lot with very little words.