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Alliance Forged (A Novel of the Light Blade)

Alliance Forged - Kylie Griffin Reviewed by: Rabid Reads

I was a little disappointed by this book; I'm not going to beat around the bush. Vengeance Born was such a strong start to The Light Blade series that my expectations for book 2 were perhaps a tad high. The first novel has an even split between action and romance while as this second installment is heavy on the latter with next to no action. Maybe it's my own fault; this series is shelved as Fantasy / Paranormal Romance after all. Perhaps I was just spoiled when it came to the first book. That being said, Alliance Forged still has a lot going for it including colourful characters, a mushy love story and it also offers further insight into Kylie Griffin' demons which I enjoy.

Kymora is the head of her order, a pure soul and blind but when she sets her sights on Varian there's no deterring her. She knows what she wants and by god she's going to get it! I couldn't get over how aggressive she is in her pursuit of Varian! I would have thought that her disability would make her more hesitant. Making the first move is hard enough but doubly so when you're vision impaired. However, I guess this goes to show that Kymora has overcome her handicap and doesn't let it dictate her actions. I admire her for that.

Varian hasn't been as lucky. He hates his Na’Chi half with a passion and tries to ignore that part of himself as much as possible. His demon genes are helpful in battle but that's about it; Varian views his heritage as a curse. He and Kymora aren't as different as he thinks. She may not have Na’Reish blood but she knows a thing or two about overcoming obstacles and learning how to accept oneself. The Na’Chi leader also can't seem to grasp how someone as pure as Kymora could ever want to be with someone like him. She's the light to his dark.

Varian and Kymora both have obstacles to overcome before they can even consider starting a romantic relationship. The back-and-forth between these two pretty much makes up the entire book. Granted, their tale is moving but it doesn't exactly make for a riveting read. The pacing in Alliance Forged is on the slow side and other than a few small skirmishes and some light political intrigue, not much happens in this book. The back blurb is definitely deceiving in that respect. It basically summarizes a couple of chapters towards the end (the more interesting ones). The other 300 pages are about Kymora and Varian's budding romance.

Alliance Forged is a heartwarming tale about overcoming one's inner demons, battling prejudice and finding love in unlikely places. This installment didn't live-up to Vengeance Born but The Light Blade series still has more to offer with Allegiance Sworn scheduled for release in April 2013.