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Seven Deadly Sins Tag

I was tagged by Jennifer at The Book Nympho

1. What is your most expensive book?
Brazen by Kelley Armstrong: She's my favourite author, so I splurged and purchased the signed hardcover leather-bound limited edition with colour illustrations, plus shipping.

2. What author do you have a love/hate relationship with?
Keri Arthur: I LOVE her Riley Jensen Guardian series, HATE her Dark Angels series, LOVE her Souls of Fire series (so far)...

3. What book have you devoured over and over again with no shame?
Bitten by Kelley Armstrong: it is hands-down the best werewolf book EVAH!

4. Which book have you neglected reading due to laziness?
A Werewolf in Manhattan by Vicki Lewis Thompson: I've read the other 5 installments, got book 1 for free, and still haven't haven't crossed it off my TBR list.

5. What book do you most talk about in order to sound like an intellectual reader?
I read about werewolves and vampires, so I don't think ANY of my books can be considered 'smart'. LOL

6. What attributes do you find attractive in a male or female character?
For males - two words: alpha werewolf. Haha
For females - snarky, ass-kicker, independent, intelligent 

7. What book would you most like to receive as a gift?
Forsaken by Kelley Armstrong: the signed hardcover leather-bound limited edition with colour illustrations.

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